Fulfilling a Promise of Reliability

Dear colleagues,

It was summer in the past few months in most of our business areas and I hope you and your families had an enjoyable and fun-filled summer break. Hong Kong is often stiflingly hot in the summer but also has some stunning countryside, beaches, and country trails for us to enjoy through the school holidays.

I remember my children used to find it strange that when typhoon signal No 8 was hoisted in the summer, friends’ parents would have a day at home while I remained at work. They have now grown up and realise that in the power business, maintaining a stable and reliable supply for customers through typhoons, storms and other extreme weather conditions doesn’t just happen by chance and requires the efforts of many dedicated people. This is particularly true in a high-rise, 24-hour city like Hong Kong where just a few seconds of power outage can cause disruptions of significant consequences.

This was brought home when Typhoon Mangkhut struck recently. This super typhoon, the most severe to hit Hong Kong since records began in 1946, wreaked havoc across the city. While the city suffered a heavy blow, our frontline staff braved the storm and responded quickly to carry out emergency repairs and restore power. In the aftermath, our engineers worked around-the-clock to keep the electricity system reliable and safe, while our support teams were relentless in caring for many of our customers who were affected. A speedy recovery was only made possible by their dedication and the support of numerous Government agencies working closely together. You can read more about their great work in this issue of CLP.CONNECT. Typhoon Mangkhut has sent a clear warning that we need to do more to prepare ourselves for the unexpected so we can be ready to face similar challenges in future.

To prepare for adverse weather, CLP engineers carry out regular maintenance and repairs, ensuring a safe and reliable power supply to our customers

In meeting this challenge, technology is our ally. Data science will soon be able to tell us more information on how an approaching typhoon will affect us and what its likely route will be, making us better prepared to protect our power lines and substations. In this issue, Chief Operating Officer Derek Parkin gives an excellent account of our work in safeguarding the reliability of our systems. Our goal is to make sure that when typhoons strike, our customers can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

We also turn the spotlight on examples of how we have improved reliability of our operations in Mainland China, India and Australia. While we continue to invest in the latest technology and equipment, strengthening our manpower is equally, if not more, important because at any time our most important asset is our people. In this issue, you will learn more about the CLP Power Academy which has a pivotal role to play in expanding our talent pool.

This continued investment and commitment to excellence has contributed to a strong set of results for the first half of 2018. Although the challenges of climate change and global economic uncertainties are considerable, I am confident that with your dedication, we will rise to them and continue to offer reliable, clean and affordable energy, and a brighter, sustainable future.

Happy Reading!

Richard Lancaster

Chief Executive Officer