The Shared Point

CLP is a big family and we operate in countries across Asia Pacific. Our employees come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Understanding your dreams and aspirations cements the bonds between us. We sincerely invite you to share your interesting stories and tell us about the things that touch your heart on this platform.

A CLP Family Teamwork Spanning 5,000 Miles

by Joshua Lau, Risk Analytic Leader, EnergyAustralia

Joshua says he was glad to return to Hong Kong and Beijing, the cities where he grew up and studied.

I was born in Beijing, raised and educated in Hong Kong, and I live in Melbourne. What a nice coincidence it is that I am now connected to Australia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China through my work.

I started my career with EnergyAustralia, then TXU Energy, when I moved to Melbourne in 1998. It was at this point the Australian electricity market began to deregulate and I have grown in the company and the industry in the 20 years since.

As the Risk Analytics Leader in the finance team, I lead a team of experienced quantitative analysts. We provide a wide-range of risk analysis for different areas of the company, and those connections recently drew me back across the world to the places where I was born and grew up.

Some 5,000 miles from Melbourne, the Chinese government has begun reforms to deregulate the electricity market. CLP’s generation portfolio in Mainland China has grown to over 8,000MW, its largest portfolio outside Hong Kong. The market in China is expected to remain challenging, largely because of issues such as overcapacity, keen competition for new projects, and the government’s commitment to transform the country into a low-carbon economy.

The executive team at CLP China is launching a new risk management approach amid an increasingly competitive market. To help explore practices and experiences from various deregulated electricity markets, CLP China has been keen to draw on expertise and insights within the CLP Group.

Joshua hopes his experience in Australia will benefit the CLP China team.

Recognising that strong risk governance has always been a key element to the success of CLP Group through the years, CLP China’s Chief Operating Officer Mr KB Lam recently invited me to share my experiences with his colleagues. KB believes a trading risk governance framework had contributed to the success of EnergyAustralia in the deregulated market. By learning from the Australian experience, the China team will be in a much better position to manage its risk exposure.

In March and June, with the support of EnergyAustralia’s Finance senior management, I travelled to both Hong Kong’s CLP head office and a regional office in Mainland China. The purpose of both trips was to share knowledge and help establish a risk framework appropriate for the Chinese market.

As a Chinese raised in Hong Kong, I was able to work with local team members without any cultural and language barriers. The welcome given to me by my colleagues made me feel at home immediately.

It has been an exciting opportunity for me to learn about the electricity market in China and I am grateful that the project allowed me to share my experience and support to our team there. In Australia, we have accumulated knowledge of many key principles and practices of risk management. These experiences have been valuable in shaping the EnergyAustralia risk culture with a transparent, disciplined, and creative approach. I am confident this approach will help the China team enhance its framework.

It was a richly rewarding experience and I felt privileged to have been able to contribute to the growth of the CLP family in three places that mean the world to me: Australia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

My Road to Becoming a Board Secretary

by Pamela Wang, Manager – Human Resources (China), CLP Business Management (Beijing) Company Limited (Regional Head Office)

Pamela takes up the position of board secretary after years of working in Human Resources.

I used to work in human resources management before I was asked to serve as a board secretary of CLP Business Management (Beijing) Company Limited (Regional Head Office, RHO) in September 2016. Since I was new, I had little idea where to start. Fortunately, my supervisor, Cai Jingwei, General Manager of RHO, was very thoughtful and shared with me the guidelines for the operations of the company’s board of directors and other documents so that I could learn the ropes faster. With his help, I began to have a handle of the board’s operations.

As I learned more about the work of a board secretary, I realised that it covers a wide range of interesting areas unknown to most people who are not familiar with the profession. A competent board secretary must have excellent planning, coordination and communications skills. Intrigued and I started to investigate how can I improve.

I later discovered that there are clear stipulations over the qualifications of board secretaries for listed companies and only certified professionals can take those jobs. In China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) are the two authorised bodies to provide the relevant training courses and run the qualification examinations. Students who have passed the examinations will receive the board secretary certificates.

Although the RHO is not a listed company, corporate governance and compliance are deeply rooted in CLP’s corporate culture. I later shared my desire to take the qualification examination with Mr Cai and Ms Lyon Leung, Assistant Company Secretary of CLP Holdings, who were highly supportive and encouraged me to enroll for a three-day training programme to prepare for it.

I was notified by the SZSE a few months later that I have been accepted for the training programme and reminded that I should ready myself by studying a long list of regulations such as the Company Law, Securities Law, and Guidelines on Conduct of Corporate Directors of SME Board Listed Companies.

Pamela was motivated and inspired by learning from the experience of seasoned board secretaries.

During the three-day training, lecturers explained the details of the laws and regulations and serving board secretaries shared their experience with us, which have greatly enlightened me on the importance of a good board secretary. Apart from performing their basic duties, they must be familiar with the company’s operation, information disclosure procedures, affiliated transactions, and at the same time remain sensitive to competitions in the industry and how capital of the company is being used. In a nutshell, a board secretary must be “honest with integrity, responsible with diligence”.

Board secretaries face immense challenges in China today as the securities industry develops rapidly. An experienced board secretary once told me that a seasoned board secretary must be a highly competent facilitator and organiser, a strategist well versed in the company’s external and internal affairs, and someone who has the ability to put the company’s resources into good use.

After training, I studied for three more days to prepare for the examination. Luckily, I passed it and obtained the certificate issued by SZSE.

In closing, I would like to share the following words of encouragement with you: “Nothing can be trivial if you work hard and put your heart and mind into it.”

An Ode of the Environment

by Bhaskar Shukla, Deputy Manager, Human Resources & Administration, CLP India

CLP India is expanding its renewable portfolio and contributing to India’s goal of building a sustainable future.

Earth is our Mother, let’s save its environment

Efforts are impending, we cannot wait for retirement

For the prevailing situation demands immediate assessment

Delaying further will cost us our enjoyment

So it’s time for us to go out and plant trees

As this is the best way to get rid of such worries

Simultaneously, we need to discourage use of plastic

Since polybags are toxic and their impact is drastic

Awareness too should be spread across

To save ourselves from this looming irreversible loss

Our target should be environment education in all schools

Planting trees and using jute bags are crucial tools

Our next target is to curtail the glooming pollution

By promoting green energy as an ultimate solution

It’s only then we can offer a better future

And promise our children a brighter stature

For Earth is our mother, our children can be its saviour

And a healthy environment demands positive behaviour

Developing this in every descendant is our assignment

We, the people of CLP, pledge we will save the environment