The Shared Point

CLP is a big family and we operate in countries across Asia Pacific. Our employees come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Understanding your dreams and aspirations cements the bonds between us. We sincerely invite you to share your interesting stories and tell us about the things that touch your heart on this platform.

Stretch Yourself and Live Your Dreams

by Natalie Chow, Executive Secretary – Corporate Development, CLP Power Hong Kong

Natalie Chow says Tai Chi has not only given her physical strength but peace of mind and a new perspective on life

I used to believe that my performances in life were limited to my duties in the office and at home. Then, one day, I began a Tai Chi course. It quickly became an indispensable part of my life and led me to a thrilling new form of performance on the stage of an international Tai Chi festival. What started as a hobby to stay healthy turned out to be so much more. It has been my privilege to learn under Master Kwan Chi Cheung who not only inspires me with Tai Chi but also prepares me for the journey of life itself.

Twice a week, I would drag myself from Hung Hom to Tung Chung, battling against my exhaustion at the end of my working day. I would swap my business suit for a Tai Chi uniform and practice for three hours. It wasn’t easy, but once you have had the experience of pushing yourself to the limit, you find out more about yourself and keep going with a newfound willpower and resilience. It was beyond my wildest dreams that an office lady like me could eventually be awarded 6th Duan in the Chinese Wushu Duanwei System examination and compete in international events.

Natalie’s team proudly represents Hong Kong at the 4th China-ASEAN Wushu Festival

This year, I was selected to represent Hong Kong in the 4th China-ASEAN Wushu Festival, competing against opponents from 79 teams from 13 different countries and territories. There are always some moments in life you never forget. When I stepped onto the podium to receive the gold medal for Yang Style Tai Chi Sword as well as the bronze medal for Yang Style Tai Chi Chuen, I knew this was going to be one of those moments. Those two medals were the consummation of my hard work and time over the years.

Natalie realises her dreams by winning medals in the international challenge

The moves in Tai Chi look slow and modest to the uninformed observer but they actually require a huge amount of physical energy. Tai Chi not only builds endurance but also self-confidence. The changes gradually benefit your family life and your work life in subtle ways. Rooted in the self-enhancing spirit of the martial arts, a Tai Chi education strengthens the will of the practitioner and gives you the opportunity to realise your dreams. So never limit yourself and never believe you cannot do more with your life. Live your dreams, just like I’m living mine today.

Nurturing Chinese Art

by Ma Wei, Admin Engineer, CLP Sichuan (Jiangbian) Power Company Ltd

Ma Wei’s exquisite paintings of 'Fu Gui Hua Kai' (xieyi ) (left) and 'Hua Kai Fu Gui' (gongbi) (right)

Life is simple and yet full of possibilities. You are free to pursue a healthy lifestyle and do things you enjoy to enrich your life. So do you read in your free time, or are you a tea enthusiast? Maybe you play sports, take photographs, or travel? For me, I have had a keen interest in traditional Chinese paintings since childhood so I spend my free time practicing and honing my painting skills. With my brush and ink, I try to record and preserve the beautiful things that make life worth living.

The fascinating thing about traditional Chinese paintings is the way in which multiple facets of Chinese culture can be combined into this one art form. Paintings are divided into different subcategories depending on their composition and style. The works I have chosen here are, coincidentally, all of flowers.

Ma Wei captures the splendour of the' He Tang Ya Qu' flower (gongbi)

Even though they have a similar theme, each painting has a different style. ‘Hua Kai Fu Gui’ and ‘He Tang Ya Qu’ are gongbi pieces – meticulously realistic and painted in fine detail. ‘Fu Gui Hua Kai’ also depicts peonies but is a xieyi painting, using bold, simple strokes to capture the essence of the subject. These paintings, whatever the style used, all convey a sense of freedom, elegance and grace through artistic expression. By looking at the paintings and experiencing the emotions hidden within, audiences can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of life.

Painting doesn’t solely depend on talent. What matters more is developing an interest in art. Attitude and persistence are paramount in every artist’s journey. If you make the most of your free time and devote yourself to practicing and nurturing an appreciation for culture and aesthetics, you can enrich your knowledge, cultivate your taste, and find fulfilment in work and life. You too can start your journey to a more colourful life by painting the things you love.

Ma Wei unwinds after work by taking up his paint brush and creating works of rare beauty

Developing a hobby outside of work isn’t difficult. In fact, with effective time management, you can balance your hobbies with work and family duties. What’s more, a hobby can improve your professional performance. From painting and cultivating my aesthetic sense, I developed an interest in graphic design, root carving, and photography. This helped me when designing promotional campaigns for my company and also relieved stress from work.

These pictures show how I spend my free time. Have you discovered a life-enhancing hobby yet?