CLP's Energy Vision & Nuclear Investment Strategy

In 1985, the Chinese Government and CLP joined hands to develop the first commercial nuclear power station at Daya Bay in Guangdong Province in China. It is CLP group's first large scale commercial nuclear power station in the Mainland.

As of today, nuclear power accounts for about a third of CLP's fuel mix and has been safely supplying about 25% of Hong Kong's energy needs for more than 20 years. Nuclear energy offers a stable and competitive price when compared with the cost of coal and gas, which are subject to volatility in the international fuel market. It produces virtually no emissions and has an extremely low carbon footprint.

Nuclear energy also plays a key role in enabling CLP group to achieve its pledge to reduce by 75% the carbon emissions intensity of its generating portfolio by 2050, as stated in Climate Vision 2050, and realise its Energy Vision – a roadmap for greener power for the Greater Pearl River Delta in the next 10 years.