The Search for a Perfect Fuel

Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation
in 2012

* Imported from China
Source: Environment Bureau, HKSAR

Electricity is a necessity of modern life and a basic requirement for continued social and economic development. However, electricity production accounts for a large share of global CO2 emissions from fuel consumption and around two-thirds of CO2 emissions in Hong Kong.

With the introduction of nuclear power in 1994 and Hong Kong’s first gas-fired generation in 1996, CLP’s fuel sources for power generation locally include Natural Gas, Coal and Nuclear. For Renewable Energy, pilot projects have been developed to support localised electricity supply on a limited scale. A diversified fuel mix reduces reliance on a single fuel source, which can enhance Hong Kong’s energy security and ensure the supply reliability.

Committed to a greener Hong Kong, CLP's goal is to play our part in the reduction of local emissions while tackling climate change in conjunction with the government's policy direction and community consensus on the fuel mix for Hong Kong by 2020.