Regulatory Oversight in China

Following the March 2011 Fukushima accident, the PRC State Council requested a comprehensive safety review for nuclear installations in China. The review was conducted by the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA), the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, and the China Earthquake Administration between April and December 2011. The report completed its review at the State Council in May 2012 and was issued in June 2012.

The review covered civil nuclear power units in operation and under construction, research reactors and criticality facilities, civil fuel cycle facilities and civil nuclear power units that have not commenced construction. The report shows that the safety of Chinese nuclear facilities is confirmed to be well managed, meeting national and international standards.

  1. Operating nuclear power units have fully adopted the national nuclear safety standards and the latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safety standards. They are capable of mitigation measures against design basis accidents and certain severe accidents, and their overall safety is assured
  2. Nuclear power units under construction are basically in compliance with the latest national nuclear safety standards and latest IAEA standards. Effective management and quality control are in place during the site selection, design, manufacture and erection, with their quality being assured
  3. Research reactors and irradiation facilities have received continuous and effective regulatory supervision and are in legal compliance. Early research reactors and criticality facilities have received refurbishment and their safety is assured
  4. Civil nuclear fuel management facilities have received continuous and effective regulatory supervision and their safety is assured

All of the above-mentioned nuclear facilities received proper reviews and assessments in earthquake and flooding hazard protection during site selection. The probability of multiple extreme natural events similar to Fukushima is extremely low. Results of radioactive release monitoring and environmental monitoring for the nuclear facilities show that their radiological discharges are well below national regulatory limits, and the radioactivity in the surrounding environment has been maintained within natural variations.

At the same time, NNSA has requested relevant improvement requirements to raise the safety level of the nuclear power stations and other nuclear facilities. The requirements will be collected into short, medium and long term plans.

Safety Review at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station

The National Comprehensive Nuclear Safety Review Report confirmed that Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station meets national safety standard and adequate guidelines are in place to manage severe accidents. A number of enhancements are being implemented to further enhance safety and reinforce Daya Bay's longstanding safety record.