The Hong Kong SAR Government has in place a comprehensive Daya Bay Contingency Plan (DBCP), which deals with the emergency measures to be taken in Hong Kong in the event of a nuclear emergency at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station.

In an unlikely event of such an accident, the plan would set in motion procedures for necessary measures including continuous monitoring of ambient radiation levels, drinking water and food within and entering Hong Kong, and radiation checks on people entering Hong Kong as well as counter measures such as evacuation arrangement and use of stable iodine when necessary.

The major counter measures in the Daya Bay Contingency Plan developed and implemented by the HKSAR Government:

20 km radius (Plume Exposure Pathway Countermeasures) – Evacuation, sheltering or the use of stable iodine
85 km (Ingestion Pathway Countermeasures) – Food and water monitored for contamination
 Inform Hong Kong Citizens
Monitoring water and food from the Mainland
Regular monitoring of ambient gamma radiation levels
Scanning people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland for radioactivity