Radiation Rotection

It is impossible to avoid radiation as it is part of our daily lives. As low-level radiation has no known harm to our health, we do not need special protection against it. The important thing we do need to remember is how to protect ourselves in the unlikely event we ever become exposed to a potentially dangerous level of radiation.

Our bodies are exposed to radiation through several different means. It can be transported by wind or rain from the radiation source to our surrounding and enter our body through skin contact, breathing or the food chain. One simple way to remove radiation deposited on the surface of our skin is to change clothes and take showers with soap and water. When necessary, people may also take iodine tablets to lessen the possible damage of radiation to their thyroid glands according to the government instructions.

Three ways you can protect yourself from identified radiation sources:

For those people who are usually exposed to additional radiation through work, such as radiotherapists or workers at nuclear power stations, the dose received is usually controlled by limiting the time of exposure. In the rare case of a severe nuclear accident, residents living close to the affected power station are usually evacuated to a more distant place or advised to stay indoor to minimise their possible contact with radioactive materials.