Evolution of Reactor Design

In many ways, nuclear energy has the golden characteristics of a fuel for the future: It is reliable, cost-effective and virtually emission-free.

But the paradox of nuclear energy is that for all its benefits, it generates understandable safety concerns, particularly since the 2011 incident at Fukushima in Japan.

Neither nuclear energy nor any of the other energy sources are the perfect fuel we need. That perfect fuel does not yet exist. However, with the application of more stringent management in operation and new technology to further improve its safety, nuclear energy could be an effective and viable option to use in a diverse mix of fuel sources in the foreseeable future. Looking forward, there might always be better solutions. We may even find the perfect fuel we crave. Until then, we must carefully and selectively use the viable options to take us forward.

Joint European Torus (JET) – One of the world’s largest fusion experiments

Photo: European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA)