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Business Model Business Model Business Model

Business Model & Strategy

CLP aims to power the sustainable development of communities in which we operate by providing reliable and affordable electricity to our customers with minimal impact to the environment. We aim to be the leading responsible energy provider in the Asia-Pacific region, from one generation to the next. In fulfilling this purpose, we rely on our values to guide us to care for people, the community and the environment. We also care about performance, respect laws and standards, and value innovation and knowledge. Our strategy to help us serve our purpose is to leverage new and emerging technologies to aid the progressive decarbonisation of our portfolio, empower our customers in making better energy choices and manage the increasingly complex power system.

Our Business Model

Digital technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) enable new efficiencies and delivery of smarter and more connected energy services

  • Design, build, operate and invest in centralised and decentralised power stations and generation facilities:
    • Coal (baseload)
    • Gas (flexible)
    • Nuclear (baseload)
    • Renewables (intermittent)
    • Energy storage (flexible)
  • Procure adequate and appropriate fuel and energy resources from diversified sources
  • Design, build and operate transmission networks
  • Enhance transmission networks to facilitate integration of more clean energy into the grid
  • Design, build and operate distribution networks
  • Integrate distributed energy resources into the grid
  • Develop and deploy customer-oriented, technology-enabled energy services that help customers become active participants of a power system
Dynamic System Balancing

Design, build and operate systems that integrate centralised and decentralised generation, and balance dynamic customer demand against different generation profiles to optimise cost efficiency, reliability and environmental performance

Our Governance

Good corporate governance is a key enabler of long-term value creation, which enhances our credibility and safeguards the interests of our stakeholders. We remain committed to doing the right thing at all times, and to embedding a corporate governance framework that our stakeholders respect and understand.

CEO Outlining the Group Investment Strategy - Video