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Business Model Business Model Business Model

Business Model & Strategy

CLP aims to power the sustainable development of communities in which we operate by providing reliable and safe electricity to our customers at a reasonable price with minimum impact to the environment. In transition to a smarter and greener future, we recognise the rising importance of helping our customers manage their electricity use more efficiently. To deliver these promises, we draw on our resources, experience and talent while utilising the latest technologies and adhering to the highest standard of governance. The results are not only better choices and quality services for our customers, but also values for all our stakeholders.

​​ CLP's Business Model & Strategy
Choice of
Fuels & Technology
Choice of Fuels & Technology
& Operation Expertise
Construction & Operation Expertise
Long-term offtake
ArrangementsLong-term offtake Arrangements
Financing Capabilities​
Responsible Environmental
Management Solutions
Responsible Environmental Management Solutions
Power Generation
Design & Build Power Stations
Operate Power Stations
Open or Collapse
Power Delivery
Design & Build Transmission & Distribution Networks
Operate Transmission & Distribution Networks
Marketing & Customer Service
Open or Collapse
Value to Customers 
Reliable Power
Reasonable Pricing
responsible Operation
Innovative Energy
Products & Services
Value to
Returns to Shareholders 
Reliable Power
Energy Effiiciency
Competitive Pricing
responsible Operation
Returns to
ocial & Environmental Benefits to Community 
Reliable Power
Energy Effiiciency
Competitive Pricing
responsible Operation
Social & Environmental
Benefits to Community
Investment Strategy
    The electricity business requires a long-term view when it comes to investment. Given the profound changes in the regulatory and economic environment for our industry in recent years, we updated our investment strategy which was approved by the Board in 2014. The updated investment strategy, succinctly summarised as "Focus ‧ Delivery ‧ Growth", recognises the challenges in the current business climate and identifies future opportunities to position CLP Group in markets where it has scale, capability and competitive advantages. This will guide CLP in the coming decade.


Hong Kong (CLP’s Core Market)

    We are committed to building and growing here for the long term.


Southern China (Strategic Market in the long run)

    We are well-positioned for growth with established partnership network.


Mainland China & India (Primary Growth Markets)

    CLP will focus on renewables and high-efficiency coal generation.


Southeast Asia & Taiwan (Secondary Growth Market)

    We will seek opportunities in selected countries.


Australia (Value Restoration)

    We will focus on reducing costs and improving operational performance.


CEO Outlining the Group Investment Strategy - Video