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Commuity Commitment Commuity Commitment Commuity Commitment

Community Commitment

Caring for the community is one of our core values. We work together with local communities to promote voluntary work and dialogue in remote towns and villages within our areas of operation.

This charitable tradition started with the Kadoorie Family, CLP’s largest shareholder whose long-standing commitment to philanthropy has supported local communities around the world since the early 1900s. In early 1960s, CLP introduced electricity to the remotest and most isolated parts of the New Territories with its Rural Electrification Scheme. The late Lord Lawrence Kadoorie often attended ‘switching-on’ ceremonies where he would donate electrical appliances to local villagers.

Over time, this charitable ethos became part of CLP's culture, empowering staff to use their expertise in the power industry to greatly improve standards of living. We have also built strong partnerships with organisations and communities working to resolve issues surrounding climate change, youth education, community development and arts and culture, providing them with resources and solutions to sustain long-term results.  

We support programmes that reflect the needs and expectations of local communities and are sensitive to existing cultures, traditions and values as outlined in our CLP Group Community Initiatives​, Sponsorship and Donation Policy​​. We work together with our partners to engage with every stage of our initiatives – from planning and implementation to the monitoring of outcomes.

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