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Competitive Employment Terms Competitive Employment Terms Competitive Employment Terms

Competitive Employment Terms

At CLP, we offer competitive remuneration and benefits in attracting, retaining and motivating high performing employees in each of the markets that we operate in.

  • ​Local Human Resources policies and practices must comply fully with all relevant local legislations and be consistent with the CLP Value Framework and Human Resources Policy. Our remuneration always exceeds any legal minimums.
  • Our remuneration philosophy is based on the concept of Total Remuneration, which includes base salary, incentive payments, company contribution to retirement fund and other cash payments or allowances. All employees have an element of annual incentive in their remuneration. Actual incentive payments are based on a combination of the company’s and individual performance.

In addition to competitive remuneration, we also provide excellent benefits such as retirement benefit schemes, designed to be competitive in the markets in which we operate in and aligned with the industry’s best practices.

We have also adopted the lead in introducing family friendly policies, such as flexible work arrangements and family friendly leaves to allow employees to meet their social responsibilities, for example, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and compassionate leave.

Recently, we have been awarded the Meritorious Family-Friendly Employers Award, Special Mentioned (Gold) Award and Awards for Breastfeeding Support organized by the Hong Kong Family Council.

We aim for our Total Remuneration and benefits to be competitive in the local market so that we can attract, retain and motivate high performing employees.