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Equal Opportunities Equal Opportunities Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to providing a fair and equitable workplace where all individuals are treated equally in every aspect of their work or employment. We will not practise or tolerate discrimination or harassment on any legally protected ground or on any other ground which we consider inappropriate and unacceptable.

The scope of our Equal Opportunities policy applies beyond the prohibited grounds covered in Hong Kong law, it also prohibits discrimination on the ground of

  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age

Under our Equal Opportunities Policy, we will not practise or tolerate any discriminatory act or harassment based on gender, physical / mental ability, race, age, nationality, religion, family status and so forth. This policy applies to all employment activities including, but not limited to recruitment, promotion and transfer, assignment, reward and benefit provisions, training and development, termination and other similar aspects.

We signed a “Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter for Employers” developed by the Equal Opportunities Commission to promote racial diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Besides, we value a diverse workforce. Our dedication to fair treatment and equal opportunities has garnered us a loyal workforce in a competitive employment market. This is reflected in our low voluntary turnover rate.

Voluntary Turnover Rate in 2019
CLP's Voluntary Turnover Rate in the region