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Work-Life-Balance Work-Life-Balance Work-Life-Balance

Work-Life Balance

CLP is dedicated to help staff maintain a work-life balance through reasonable contractual working hours and vacation entitlements, as well as introducing different initiatives to engage employees in locations where we operate. Over the years, we have received significant external recognition for our ongoing commitment to work-life balance.

We have introduced a number of programmes in locations where we operate to support a healthy work-life balance:

  • In China and India, we make use of local festivals to engage more closely with staff and their families. 
  • In Australia and Hong Kong, we provide a five-day work week, flexi-hours and family leave in recognition of our employees’ commitments. We have also launched initiatives to encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 
  • We have organised social, recreational and sports activities to provide after-work relaxation for employees and their families.  
  • In Hong Kong, Australia and India, we offer a confidential Employee Assistance Programme with professional counselling services to help employees address personal or work-related concerns.

The recognitions we received for our dedication to work-​​life balance include: ​​



Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme organized by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council : “Meritorious Family-Friendly Employers Award”, “Special Mentioned (Gold) Award” and “Awards for Breastfeeding Support”
The Most Attractive Employer of the Randstad Award 2018 among 75 largest companies in Hong Kong
“A Happy Company” by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and Hong Kong Productivity Council for 5 consecutive years.


The Most Attractive Employer of the Randstad Award 2016 among 75 largest companies in Hong Kong


Family-Friendly Employees Award Scheme organised by the Family Council : "Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer", "Award of Innovation" and "Special Mention"
The Promoting Happiness Index Foundation (PHIF) and Hong Kong Productivity Council : A "Happy Company"


The second runner-up of the Randstad Award among 75 largest commercial employers in Hong Kong


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