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Financial Highlights Financial Highlights Financial Highlights

Financial Highlights

Revenue (HK$ million)79,43480,700
Operating Earnings (HK$ million)1​12,33411,519
Total Earnings (HK$ million) 1​12,71115,656
Shareholders' Funds (HK$ million)​98,01093,118
Earnings per Share (HK$) - Basic and diluted​5.036.20
Dividends per Share (HK$)​2.802.70
Shares in Issue (million)​2,526.452,526.45
Share Closing Price (HK$) (as at year end)​71.2565.85
Market Capitalisation (HK$ million)​180,010166,367
- Return on equity2 (%)​13.317.3
- Net debt to total capital3 (%)​29.532.4
- EBIT Interest cover4 (times)​1010
- Price / Earnings5 (times)​1411
- Dividend yield6 (%)​3.94.1


  1. Comparative figures have been restated in accordance with the transitional provisions of HKFRS 9 (2014) Financial Instruments about certain requirements of hedge accounting. 
  2. Return on equity = Total earnings / Average shareholders' funds.
  3. Net debt to total capital = Net debt / (Equity + advances from non-controlling interests + net debt). Debt = Bank loans and other borrowings. Net debt = Debt - bank balances, cash and other liquid funds.
  4. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) interest cover = Profit before income tax and interest / (Interest charges + capitalised interest)
  5. Price / Earnings = Closing share price on the last trading day of the year / Earnings per share
  6. Dividend yield = Dividends per share / Closing share price on the last trading day of the year


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