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  • 23/12/2019
    CLP Receives Accolades for Excellence in Corporate Governance and Reporting

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) has once again earned recognition for its achievements in corporate governance and reporting after winning over 80 local and international awards for its 2018 Annual Report, the online Snapshot and the 2018 Sustainability Report in prestigious contests.

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  • 19/12/2019
    CLP Power Energy Audits Save 48 GWh of Electricity a Year
    while Nurturing Engineering Interns

    ​Hong Kong’s business sector accounts for more than 70% of the city’s total power consumption, it is in everyone’s interest for businesses to improve their energy efficiency which can reduce carbon emissions and create cleaner air for the society. CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has for years offered energy audit service to business customers, assessing their consumption and recommending energy improvement solutions. It has teamed up with a university for the first time to launch an energy audit internship programme to nurture a new generation of talent, and has also introduced drones to improve the effectiveness of audits.

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  • 17/12/2019
    CLP Announces New Decarbonisation Actions under Climate Vision 2050

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) today announced its latest decarbonisation actions under the updated Climate Vision 2050, pledging not to invest in any additional coal-fired generation capacity and to progressively phase out all remaining coal assets by 2050.

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  • 17/12/2019
    CLP Awarded Gold in Volunteer Team and Silver in Enterprise Categories of the "10th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards"

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has won two top honours in the 10th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards. The company was presented with the gold award in the volunteer team category and the silver award in the enterprise category of the programme organised by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, recognising the dedicated volunteer work of employees as well as CLP Power’s steadfast commitment to social responsibility and good corporate governance.

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  • 10/12/2019
    Multiple Measures to Offset Tariff Increase
    Additional HK$200 Million Relief Programmes for People in Need

    ​Hong Kong is facing immense economic challenges. CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today (10 December) announced that it will relieve the tariff pressure for all Small-and-Medium Enterprise (SME) customers from the increased use of natural gas for low-carbon power generation in 2020 through a subsidy. The subsidy is part of a more-than-HK$200 million CLP Power’s relief plan that will benefit different sectors of the community, including the underprivileged sub-divided unit tenants who do not benefit from the Government’s electricity charges relief schemes. 

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  • 04/12/2019
    Green Businesses and Organisations Applauded at CLP Smart Energy Awards

    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today held a second annual presentation ceremony to honour the winners of its Smart Energy Award programme, recognising the outstanding performance of Hong Kong businesses and organisations in energy management and the use of renewable energy and smart technology.

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  • 05/11/2019
    CLP Power Extends Free Charging Service to Encourage Green Motoring

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") has for years promoted low-carbon driving by providing an expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging service to make Hong Kong a greener and smarter city. Today (5 November), CLP Power announced the free service at its charging stations will be extended until the end of 2020, continuing to offer EV drivers a convenient and reliable territory-wide network.

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  • 24/10/2019
    Issue of USD500,000,000 3.55% Perpetual Capital Securities by CLP Power HK Finance Ltd.

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”) announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary CLP Power HK Finance Ltd. has successfully completed the issuance of USD500 million of 3.55% non-call 5.25-year perpetual capital securities (the “Securities”). The Securities are unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by CLP Power, rated A1 and A+ by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s (“S&P”) respectively. The Securities are rated A3 and A- by Moody’s and S&P respectively, and will be listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.  Proceeds from the Securities will be used to redeem CLP Power HK Finance Ltd.’s outstanding USD750 million perpetual subordinated guaranteed capital securities issued on 7 May 2014 and 13 June 2014 (the “Existing Securities”).

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  • 21/10/2019
    CLP Holdings Releases 2019 Quarterly Statement (January - September)

    ​The 2019 Quarterly Statement (January - September) of CLP Holdings Limited has been released. The same Statement will be dispatched to shareholders on 31 October 2019.

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  • 25/09/2019
    Energy-saving Retro-Commissioning Project by CLP Power and Hospital Authority Wins Prestigious International Award

    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) and the Hospital Authority (HA) have won a prestigious international award for a retro-commissioning demonstration project at the Caritas Medical Centre and North Lantau Hospital. The project, titled the Pioneering First Retro-Commissioning Energy Saving Project for Hong Kong Public Hospitals in Asia, has been awarded the Regional Energy Project of the Year Award for Asia-Pacific by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) which commended its outstanding effectiveness in promoting energy efficiency and cost saving and hailed it as a showcase of retro-commissioning for the local building industry.

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  • 24/09/2019
    CLP Power Connect Relieves the Energy Burden of
    40,000 Households in Needs

    ​The CLP Power Connect programme encourages residential customers to save energy year-round. Since January 2019, nearly 200,000 customers have signed up for the programme run by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power). The programme also offers an electricity subsidy of HK$500 each for 40,000 households including elderly people, low-income families, disabled people and tenants of subdivided units with a funding of HK$20 million in this year. CLP Power has received more than 35,000 applications for support by mid-September, and the first batch of subsidies has been paid out from May onwards, benefitting more than 21,000 households in need and promoting social inclusion.

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  • 17/09/2019
    CLP Power Queen’s Hill Substation Wins Top Prize at Asian Power Awards

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”) has won a top prize in the Asian Power Awards 2019, known as the Oscars of the regional energy industry. CLP Power’s Queen’s Hill 132kV substation was presented with the Gold Award in the Transmission and Distribution Project of the Year category at a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur in recognition of its inspired, environmentally-friendly design.

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  • 03/09/2019
    CLP Power Commits to Long-Term Decarbonisation and
    Calls for a Community-Wide Effort to Combat Climate Change

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”) today (3 September) announced it has submitted a response paper to the Council for Sustainable Development’s public engagement on a long-term decarbonisation strategy for Hong Kong. Although 2050 seems a long way away, we all need to start planning now for a lower carbon future.  CLP Power sees two broad directions to increase low-carbon electricity supply in the longer term. Both have their opportunities as well as challenges and elements of both could in future be combined.  Technology in the energy sector is changing fast and we will need time for further study to maximise the opportunities that these could bring. CLP Power is determined to maintain high levels of safe and reliable electricity supply, whichever future approach we may adopt in decarbonising electricity generation.

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  • 28/08/2019
    CLP Feed-in Tariff Scheme Receives over 4,300 Applications
    with Solar Panel Surface Covering beyond 330,000 square metres

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has received a positive response from the public to the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, which was launched in May last year to promote the development of renewable energy and encourage low-carbon living. By the end of July this year, CLP Power had approved more than 80% of over 4,300 applications for the FiT scheme. When these projects are completed by our customers, they will represent a potential total of 62 GWh of green electricity a year – equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 15,000 households and a reduction in carbon emissions of around 30,000 tonnes a year, or the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by 1.30 million trees. With the rising numbers of applications, the FiT capacity of the new connected systems has also grown steadily over the past months.

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  • 06/08/2019
    Interim Results Reflect Solid Fundamentals amid External Challenges

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) announced today its results for the first six months of 2019, which reflect both the impact of the decisions we are taking to support our desire to deliver secure, affordable and sustainable energy for the Asia-Pacific region as well as the influence of significant external challenges.

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  • 25/07/2019
    CLP Power Signs Collaborative Agreement with Chinachem
    Helps Nina Tower to Increase its Energy Efficiency

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today signed a Collaborative Agreement on Smart and Green Initiatives with the Chinachem Group (Chinachem) that will see the landmark Nina Tower adopt smart, green technology to improve its operational and energy efficiency, saving a total of estimated 14 GWh of electricity for the next five years.

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  • 17/07/2019
    CLP’s Storytelling on Low-Carbon Living Attracts Children
    at Hong Kong Book Fair

    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) Chief Corporate Development Officer Ms Quince Chong hosted a special storytelling session today (17 July) in the Children's Paradise zone at the Hong Kong Book Fair. Accompanied by the energy-crusading cartoon characters POWER FOUR, Ms Chong told children a story called 'Electricity and Me' to teach them about the importance of electricity in people's daily lives and the need to save energy. Ms Chong also played interactive quiz with children to help build awareness about low-carbon lifestyles and teach them simple steps to change their habits regarding clothes, food, homelife, and travelling to help reduce carbon emissions.

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  • 15/07/2019
    CLP Power launches Power Kid Mobile App and new 3D Cartoon
    at Hong Kong Book Fair

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) will launch a Power Kid Mobile App at the Hong Kong Book Fair, offering children an engaging, interactive way to learn about environmental protection and energy saving. The new app are available for visitors to try at the CLP Power booth in the Children's Paradise zone of the fair from 17 July until 23 July to win special POWER FOUR souvenirs, where POWER FOUR characters will greet them at the booth. CLP Power engineers will also hold storytelling sessions for children at the fair over the weekend.

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  • 10/07/2019
    CLP Power Offers Customers New Mobile Payment Platforms
    for Faster, Smarter Settlement of Bills

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has launched three new mobile payment platforms for all residential and business customers. More than 2.6 million customers can now settle their electricity bill via AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, and the Faster Payment System (FPS).

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  • 27/06/2019
    CLP Brings Free Electrons to Hong Kong to Connect Global Utilities and Start-ups

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) plays host to Free Electrons, the global energy start-up accelerator programme, in Hong Kong this week, forging new collaboration opportunities between utilities and some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs on next-generation energy technologies.

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  • 21/06/2019
    CAPCO and HK Electric Sign Contract with MOL for Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal Project

    ​The Hong Kong Offshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal Project (HKOLNG Project) has entered a new milestone as Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CAPCO) and The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. (HK Electric) today announced that Hong Kong LNG Terminal Limited, the joint venture established by the two companies, has entered into an agreement with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) for the hire of a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) vessel on a time charter basis for the HKOLNG Project.

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  • 21/06/2019
    CAPCO and HK Electric Sign Contract with Shell for Long-Term Liquefied Natural Gas Supply to Hong Kong

    ​Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CAPCO) and The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. (HK Electric) today announced that an agreement has been entered into with Shell Eastern Trading (Pte.) Ltd. (Shell), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, for long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply for the Hong Kong Offshore Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal. After completion of the project, Shell will supply LNG to both CAPCO and HK Electric from its worldwide LNG portfolio.

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  • 20/06/2019
    Profit Warning due to Impairment of Goodwill

    ​CLP Holdings Limited today made an announcement to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong regarding a profit warning due to an impairment of goodwill of EnergyAustralia’s Retail business.

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  • 07/06/2019
    CLP Power Applies Creativity in Enhancing Vehicle Operations Safety

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") is committed to promoting innovation and enhancing a world-class safety culture. Employees are encouraged to use their creativity and expertise to identify original solutions to potential safety hazards. In this spirit, the engineering team of CLP Power Logistic and Transport Branch has self-developed Hong Kong’s first crane lorry alarm system, as well as ‘X-infrared’ anti-trapping device for tail lifts with a simple series of circuits and sensors.

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  • 04/06/2019
    Incident at Black Point Power Station

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) is deeply saddened by an incident in which a contractor worker who has been later certified death after being admitted to the hospital when he was found unconscious during work in Black Point Power Station today (4 June). The company expresses its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased.

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  • 28/05/2019
    CLP Power Brings Electricity to Remote Hakka Villages to Support Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") is committed to providing a safe and reliable power supply to all customers and to meet the needs of every Hong Kong community. To support rural revitalisation and eco-tourism development in the Lai Chi Wo area of the northeastern New Territories, CLP Power has completed a power supply for the remote Hakka villages of Mui Tsz Lam and Kap Tong and held a power-on ceremony today (28 May). The ceremony was attended by villagers and guests including Secretary for the Environment Mr Wong Kam-sing and Chairman of Sha Tau Kok District Rural Committee Mr Lee Koon-hung, who celebrated the arrival of the electricity supply and its potential to support the sustainable development of the two villages.

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  • 23/05/2019
    CLP Commits to Converting Car Fleet to Electric Vehicles

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) is pleased to announce our commitment to transition our fleet of more than 1,000 cars to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 and encourage more employees to switch to EVs, as we become the first Hong Kong company to join the global EV100 initiative run by the international non-profit organisation The Climate Group. EV100 brings together leading businesses committed to making electric transport “the new normal” by 2030.

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  • 08/05/2019
    CLP Power is Named
    Hong Kong’s Most Attractive Employer for the Third Time

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has once again been voted Hong Kong’s Most Attractive Employer in the Randstad Employer Brand Awards, becoming the first company from the city to win the award three times in six years since the launch of the Awards in Hong Kong. The award was based on a public survey of 75 of Hong Kong’s largest companies conducted by international human resources services firm Randstad.

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  • 07/05/2019
    CLP Holdings Releases 2019 Quarterly Statement (January - March)

    The 2019 Quarterly Statement (January - March) of CLP Holdings Limited has been released. The same Statement will be dispatched to shareholders on 17 May 2019.

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  • 07/05/2019
    CLP 6 Senses Experience Zone
    Promotes Low-Carbon Cooking Technology at HOFEX 2019

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) unveiled a CLP 6 Senses Experience Zone to promote a low-carbon catering culture at the four-day HOFEX 2019 trade show, Asia’s leading food and hospitality industry event, which began today (7 May) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The zone features a wide array of electric kitchen equipment and showcases the latest technology to enhance energy efficiency in the catering sector and offer customers a superior dining experience. It also provides a valuable platform for both Hong Kong and overseas businesses who are interested in catering trade to interact and exchange ideas.

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  • 06/05/2019
    CLP Holdings Convenes 2019 Annual General Meeting

    ​CLP Holdings convenes 2019 Annual General Meeting today. CLP Holdings is the first Hong Kong-listed company to host hybrid Annual General Meeting, enabling about 1,900 shareholders to participate in person or online.

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  • 29/04/2019
    New [email protected] Showcases a Smart City Future for Hong Kong

    [email protected] – an exhibition centre showcasing smart city technologies – was officially opened today (29 April). Using virtual reality technology and interactive multimedia, it exhibits different innovative solutions that will help transform Hong Kong into a smart city and promote energy efficiency in the community.

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  • 25/04/2019
    CLP Power Wins Inaugural Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”) has won a prestigious new global award for the excellence of its knowledge management and innovative practices. The company received the inaugural Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2018 today (25 April) from the Global MIKE Study Group in recognition of its dedicated efforts and continuous investment to promote a learning and innovation culture.

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  • 14/04/2019
    CLP Power Connect Promotes a Caring Community and Supports Social Enterprises

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) launched the CLP Power Connect programme in January, encouraging residential customers to save energy year-round and help the underprivileged, with each eligible beneficiary households receiving HK$500 electricity subsidy. In three months' time, about 100,000 residential customers have signed up the programme. To further promote a caring community, Power Connect participants may earn CLP Eco Points for redeeming fabulous prizes under a new activity "Support Social Enterprises to Earn Eco Points".

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  • 25/03/2019
    CLP Smart Elderly Home Experience Day Showcases Green
    Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency of Elderly Homes

    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) held a Smart Elderly Home Experience Day today in an initiative to address the city’s ageing population and increasing demand for elderly services. The event featured different innovative smart technology and energy saving solutions, and provided a valuable platform for partnerships between the elderly services sector and product providers, aiming to promote energy efficiency and build an age-friendly smart city.

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  • 13/03/2019
    CLP and OSEG Partner on Energy Investments in Israel

    CLP Innovation Ventures (Israel) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited (CLP), and Other Sources Energy Group Limited (OSEG) are pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture to explore investment opportunities in next-generation energy technologies and innovations in Israel as the two companies look to empower the low-carbon transition for energy users.

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  • 25/02/2019
    Solid Results Driven by Robust Overseas Performance and Reliable Hong Kong Business

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) is pleased to announce solid annual results for 2018. The Group’s operating earnings for the year increased 5.1% to HK$13,982 million. Total earnings decreased by 4.9% to HK$13,550 million, largely due to favourable one-off items in 2017. These figures reflected the combination of continued robust performance in our overseas businesses and dependable earnings from our Hong Kong base. They also allowed the Board to approve a fourth interim dividend of HK$1.19 a share. Total dividends per share for 2018 are HK$3.02, a 3.8% increase from 2017.

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  • 01/02/2019
    First Household Benefits under CLP’s Power Connect Programme
    to Subsidise Rewiring Work for Subdivided Units

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) yesterday (31 January) completed work on the first project under its new Power Connect programme which provides subsidies to landlords of subdivided units to do rewiring work for the installation of individual electricity meters. The programme allocates HK$5 million a year for this purpose to improve the home safety and living environment of underprivileged people living in subdivided units. The Power Connect programme began in January this year with the aim of encouraging energy saving and promoting community care.

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  • 31/01/2019
    CLP Holdings Limited Announces Continuing Connected Transactions

    ​CLP Holdings Limited today announced a number of continuing connected transactions between the CSG Group and the CLP Group in accordance with the Listing Rules. These transactions were entered into in the ordinary and usual course of business of the CLP Group. Please refer to our announcement to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong for details.

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  • 18/01/2019
    CLP Power’s Rent and Rates Special Rebate
    to be Discontinued from 18 February

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) announced today that it will have rebated to customers the refunds received to date from the Hong Kong SAR Government in relation to CLP Power’s claims against the Government’s overcharged rent and rates by 17 February 2019. As a result, the Rent and Rates Special Rebate will be discontinued with effect from 18 February 2019.  Customers will be notified separately about the arrangement.

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  • 14/01/2019
    Pioneering CLP Power Academy Graduates are Celebrated as they Bring Fresh Talent to Hong Kong’s Power Industry

    ​The CLP Power Academy of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today (14 January) celebrated the first batch of students to complete the Professional Diploma in Power Engineering and the Certificate for Junior Electricians programmes, and welcomed a new intake of students for two newly-launched programmes.

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