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  • 30/12/2011
    CLP Finalises Tariff Package with Government 2012 Tariff Increase Narrowed To 4.9%
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) today announced that it has finalised with Government a revised package for its electricity tariff for 2012, following thorough discussions with Hong Kong Government.
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  • 21/12/2011
    CLP Revises 2012 Tariff Average Net Tariff Rise Cut from 9.2 % to 7.4% All customers to see a reduction in Fuel Clause Charge increase
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) today announced that the Company has revised its Average Net Tariff adjustment for 2012 - down from original 9.2% to 7.4%. This has resulted from cutting the Fuel Clause Charge increase from 3.7 cents to 2 cents per unit of the electricity that will benefit ALL customers across the board. The adjustment in average Basic Tariff announced on 13 December will remain unchanged.
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  • 16/12/2011
    CLP Clarifies Customers' Tariff Related Concerns
    In view of the extensive discussions over CLP's 2012 tariff in the past few days, CLP would like to make the following clarifications to facilitate the public's understanding of the issue.
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  • 13/12/2011
    CLP Announces 2012 Tariff Average Net Tariff to Rise by 9.2 % Tariff Adjustment necessary to support the Government's more stringent emissions targets
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) today announced that the Company is increasing its tariff in response to unprecedented cost pressures after a long period of relatively stable prices. From 1 January 2012, the average Basic Tariff will be increased by 5 cents while the Fuel Clause Charge will rise by 3.7 cents. As a result, the Average Net Tariff will be adjusted to 102.8 cents per unit of electricity, up 9.2% from the current level.
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  • 13/12/2011
    CLP Announces Impairment Loss for Yallourn Brown Coal Fired Generation Asset
    CLP Holdings Limited (“CLP”) has announced today that as a result of the recent passing of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy legislative package, CLP is expected to recognise an impairment loss of A$245 million or HK$1,915 million after tax for the year ending 31 December 2011.
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  • 30/11/2011
    CLP launches electricity infrastructure development programme to help energise Kowloon East and Kai Tak development area
    CLP has launched a power infrastructure development programme in support of government plans to develop Kowloon East into another core business district. Electricity facilities, including 7 substations, will be constructed and commissioned in the region over 15 years to provide electricity up to 700MVA (equivalent to the sum of current power demand of Tsim Sha Tsui and Ma On Shan) to support the new development of Kai Tak as well as the redevelopment projects in old districts like Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Kowloon City.
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  • 08/11/2011
    TRUenergy likely to be impacted by the Australian Government's Clean Energy Legislation
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  • 25/10/2011
    CLP's TRUenergy announces gas power projects to meet Queensland's growing energy needs
    TRUenergy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings, is seeking development approval for two high-efficiency gas-fired power stations in Queensland to meet forecast increases in electricity demand in the northeastern Australian state.
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  • 22/10/2011
    WEEE community programme celebrates as 1,600 waste electrical devices are saved and provided to those in need
    CLP Power and St James' Settlement (SJS) today marked a year of success in running the 'Here WEEE Go' programme. The programme collects waste electrical and electronic equipment ('WEEE'), restores it to working order, and donates it to underprivileged members of the community. Over the past year, a total of more than 1,600 appliances have been saved from landfill.
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  • 17/10/2011
    CLP Holdings Limited Releases Quarterly Statement of 2011 (January-September)
    The 2011 Quarterly Statement (January-September) of CLP Holdings Limited has been released. The same Statement will be dispatched to shareholders on 31 Oct 2011.
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  • 15/10/2011
    CLP's Liberal Studies e-Learning Kit Inspires Students' Study on Issues Concerning Energy and the Environment
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) today launched Hong Kong’s first one-stop e-learning kit “’ in an effort to inspire young people to engage in multi-faceted and forward-looking discussions on issues concerning energy technology and the environment.
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  • 10/10/2011
    CLP Holdings ranks first for sustainability and disclosure in Asia
    CLP is pleased to announce that the company received top rank in the 2011 Asian Sustainability Rating™ (ASR™) for its sustainable practices and proactive disclosure of environment, social and governance (ESG) issues.
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  • 06/10/2011
    CLP Launches "Eco Optimizer" Providing Customised Energy Saving Solutions for 2 Million Hong Kong Households
    As part of a continuous effort towards service excellence and promoting the concept of energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C), CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today announced the launch of “Eco Optimizer”, a brand new user-friendly online energy assessment tool, which helps 2 million residential customers use energy more efficiently and wisely.
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  • 06/10/2011
    Jiangbian Hydro Power Project Bears Witness to CLP's Commitment to Clean Energy
    CLP's first wholly-owned Greenfield hydro power project in Mainland China, Jiangbian Hydro Power Station, officially entered commercial operation. The project is the latest asset added to our renewable energy portfolio in Chinese Mainland and will contribute to the Group's efforts towards a low-carbon power business in the Asia Pacific region.
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  • 18/09/2011
    CLP applies green thinking to breathe new life into discarded electrical appliances
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) is proving that, with a bit of creativity and a focus on sustainability, a discarded electrical appliance can be repaired and given a new lease of life in the home of somebody who needs it.
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  • 10/09/2011
    CLP and HKCSS jointly present ""Hotmeal Canteen"" programme
    to warm the hearts of needy residents with 30,000 nourishing hot meals
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) today announced the launch of the Hotmeal Canteen project in partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS). First piloted in Sham Shui Po, the Hotmeal Canteen programme aims to provide over 30,000 dietician-supervised hot meals in the coming 12 months for needy residents who have limited access to healthy square meals.
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  • 16/08/2011
    CLP Holdings Limited Announces 2011 Interim Results
    The Group’s operating earnings for the first half of 2011 were HK$5,000 million, an increase of 12.7% compared with the corresponding period in 2010. This reflected growth in earnings from our increased investment in Australia, supported by a rise in earnings from our electricity businesses in Hong Kong and in India.
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  • 13/08/2011
    CLP volunteers join forces to promote electrical safety for the elderly
    Volunteers from CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) have identified five key household hazards that arise from inappropriate use of electricity by elderly people, as part of CLP's "CHEER for the Senior Buddies" programme. To address this, volunteers and their children today took part in a drive to re-wire elderly people's homes and share tips on using electricity in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
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  • 02/08/2011
    Hong Kong students compete for the top honour of CLP's Young Power Programme with creative sustainable living solutions

    The CLP Young Power Programme 2011 Project Competition was successfully concluded today when 10 shortlisted teams from 7 secondary schools presented their success stories of promoting low carbon living to compete for the top honour of “Young Power Award”.

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  • 25/07/2011
    CLP invests in Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station
    CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) announced today that its subsidiary, CLP Nuclear Investment Company Ltd. (CLPNIC), has reached an agreement with the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company Ltd. (CGNPC) to invest in the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station Project in Guangdong, China. The total investment of the project is about RMB 70 billion. Under the agreement, CLP will own 17% of the project.
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  • 18/07/2011
    Strategic Gas Acquisition for TRUenergy
    TRUenergy, a wholly owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings, has today agreed to acquire an effective interest in over 500 PJ of coal seam gas reserves in the Gunnedah basin for A$284 million from Santos, one of the largest producers of natural gas to the Australian domestic market.
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  • 06/07/2011
    Issue of USD300,000,000 4.750% Notes due 2021 by CLP Power Hong Kong Financing Limited
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary CLP Power Hong Kong Financing Limited has priced USD300 million 4.750% Notes due 2021 (the "Notes") under its USD3.5 billion Medium Term Note Programme.
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  • 09/06/2011
    Hong Kong's First Smart Grid Experience Centre Opens
    CLP Showcasing and Demonstrating the Latest Smart Grid Technologies and Projects
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today opened its Smart Grid Experience Centre, which is the first exhibition and education facility of its kind in Hong Kong. The Centre will help raise public awareness of smart grid by showcasing the features and benefits of smart grid together with the latest smart grid-specific technology and development. It will also demonstrate the research and development projects currently undertaken by CLP Power in this area.
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  • 25/05/2011
    CLP's GREENPLUS Symposium illustrates successful business case of energy saving among SMEs and NGOs
    Innovative, tailored EE&C solutions lead the way

    ​​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has taken another step in Hong Kong’s energy efficiency and conservation drive with the inauguration of the GREENPLUS Symposium, which was well-attended by more than 250 small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit making organisations (NGOs).

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  • 17/05/2011
    CLP Holdings Limited Releases Quarterly Statement of 2011 (January-March)
    The 2011 Quarterly Statement (January-March) of CLP Holdings Limited has been released. The same Statement will be dispatched to shareholders on 31 May 2011.
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  • 20/04/2011
    CLP Opens GREENPLUS Gallery
    Hong Kong's First 4-Dimensional EE & C "Fitness Centre"
    dedicated to 200,000 SMEs
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today announced the grand opening of its GREENPLUS Gallery in CLP Power's Pei Ho Street Business Centre located in Sham Shui Po. The Gallery is the FIRST Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) "Fitness Centre" in Hong Kong, offering a first-of-its-kind 4-Dimensional (4D) demonstration of energy saving and renewable energy applications, targeting over 200,000 local small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit making organisations.
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  • 19/03/2011
    HK's first CLP-Operation Dawn Orienteering Game
    The first CLP-Operation Dawn Orienteering Game 2011, sponsored by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”), was successfully held on Town Island in Sai Kung. Attracting 300 contestants, the event has raised HK$275,000 for Operation Dawn Limited (“Operation Dawn”).
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  • 17/03/2011
    CLP Clarifies an Erroneous Media Report
    In response to a certain media report misquoting CLP's comments regarding the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, the company wishes to clarify that it has no immediate plan to invest in the expansion of the facility.
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  • 09/03/2011
    CLP meets 2010 carbon reduction targets and HKSAR Government's air emissions reduction targets
    CLP Group is pleased to report that the company met its 2010 carbon intensity reduction target of 0.8kg CO2/kWh as reported in its 2010 Sustainability Report. Announced in 2007, the 2010 target is the first milestone in CLP's Climate Vision 2050, a roadmap that states the company's commitment to reducing the carbon intensity of its generation portfolio by 75% by 2050.
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  • 03/03/2011
    COOL Captains to test solar-powered device in Antarctica
    Five CLP IT and engineering professionals, dubbed COOL Captains, will be bringing their indigenously-designed solar-powered energy device, embedded in a sledge, to Antarctica to test its performance under extreme weather conditions and its endurance in the rugged, icy Antarctic landscape.
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  • 03/03/2011
    CAPCO/CLP Celebrates the Completion of Emissions Control Project
    Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CAPCO) today celebrated the completion of its Emissions Control (EC) Project undertaken at Castle Peak Power Station (CPPS) ahead of schedule. The EC Project gives CPPS a further lift of the already high-standard emissions performance, making it one of the cleanest coal-fired power stations in the world.
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  • 24/02/2011
    CLP Holdings Limited 2010 Annual Results
    Financial Highlights
    • Group operating earnings up 7.2% to HK$9,148 million with total earnings (including one-off items) increasing by 26.1% to HK$10,332 million.
    • Consolidated revenue increased by 15.3% to HK$58,410 million; Hong Kong electricity revenue rose by 5.8% to HK$29,944 million.
    • Earnings from our electricity business in Hong Kong increased by 2.8% to HK$6,129 million. Including those businesses supporting the Hong Kong electricity business, these earnings rose by 3.3% to HK$7,012 million.
    • Earnings from our businesses outside Hong Kong increased by 19.2% to HK$2,476 million.
    • Electricity sales in Hong Kong grew by 1.2% to 30,929GWh; total sales (which include sales to the Chinese mainland) declined 2.2% to 33,538GWh.
    • Fourth interim dividend of HK$0.92 per share; including other interim dividends paid, total dividends for 2010 amount to HK$2.48 per share (2009: HK$2.48 per share).
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  • 23/02/2011
    CLP Sells Interest in EGCO to Mitsubishi Corporation
    CLP Holdings ("CLP") today announced that it had agreed to sell its 13.36% interest in Electricity Generating Public Company ("EGCO") to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation ("Mitsubishi") for a total price of US$273 million (HK$2,129 million). Mitsubishi agreed at the same time to sell 50% of its subsidiary that holds the EGCO shares to Tokyo Electric Power Company ("TEPCO").
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  • 20/01/2011
    CLP Inaugurates Partnerships for EV Leasing Scheme
    Initiative expands CLP's support of electric vehicles in Hong Kong
    CLP Power today announced the inauguration of partnerships for its EV Leasing Scheme for companies as well as the general public, expanding its support of the Hong Kong Government’s efforts to promote the use of electric vehicles. CLP was joined by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Hong Kong Housing Authority & China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd., the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Kerry Properties Limited, and GT-7 Car Rental—all of whom have signed up for the EV Leasing Scheme—at an EV Leasing Partnership Inauguration Ceremony held today at Hong Kong Science Park.
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