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  • 23/12/2015
    Groundbreaking CLP Power Your Love Programme
    achieves Record-Breaking Results

    ​A pioneering initiative by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) called Power Your Love has achieved a record-breaking result by saving energy equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 2,000 households. The programme – the first in the world to combine energy saving with a mission to help the less fortunate in society – was participated by over 200,000 customers who between them saved 9.5 million kWh of electricity, the highest amount saved in any energy saving initiative by CLP Power.

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  • 21/12/2015
    CLP Power Supply Unaffected by Temporary Suspension of WEPII Natural Gas following Shenzhen Incident

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") received a notification yesterday (20 December) that the impact of the Shenzhen landslide incident has led to the temporary suspension of natural gas to Hong Kong through the 9,000-km-long Second West-East pipeline (WEPII)  as a section of the pipeline was damaged.  Upon receiving the notification, CLP Power immediately activated its contingency arrangements to ensure its electricity supply to customers was unaffected.

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  • 17/12/2015
    CLP Welcomes the Paris Climate Agreement

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) welcomes the adoption of a landmark accord at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) over the weekend as a vital step in combating climate change.

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  • 15/12/2015
    CLP Power Reduces Tariff in 2016

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) announced today (15 December) that all customers will, from January 2016, enjoy an average reduction of 1 cent per unit of electricity or 0.9 % in the Average Total Tariff.

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  • 09/12/2015
    CLP’s Stance on Climate Change

    With regard to an online report purportedly quoting CLP Director – Group Sustainability Jeanne Ng’s comments in a side event at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), CLP Holdings (CLP) would like to make the following responses:

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  • 04/12/2015
    CLP Power Wins Platinum Title in 2015 Green Awards

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") has been given the highest Platinum title in the Environmental, Health and Safety Award (Corporate) of the Hong Kong Green Awards 2015. The award recognises CLP Power employees' excellence in environmental, health and safety management, and for putting best practices to work in its daily operations. The judging panel was particularly impressed by CLP Power's environmental performance in its operations, policies setting, management processes, training and promotion, as well as handling of information.

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  • 02/12/2015
    CLP Power takes Top Honours at Technology Awards

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has received four awards for the excellence of its employees in the Outstanding Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards 2015 organised by the Hong Kong Computer Society.

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  • 30/11/2015
    CLP Recognised for Reporting Excellence

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) has clinched five honours in corporate governance disclosure and reporting by demonstrating excellence in communicating the social, environmental and financial elements of its operations across Asia-Pacific through an integrated approach.

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  • 26/11/2015
    CLP Power Extends Free Charging to Encourage Green Motoring

    ​As part of its commitment to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging services across its power supply network to encourage green motoring, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) announced today (26 November) that it will extend free charging for electric vehicles at its 40 charging stations until the end of 2016 to encourage more people to switch to green motoring.

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  • 24/11/2015
    Students show Creativity and Green Sense in
    CLP Energy Saving’s Got Talent Contest

    ​Hundreds of talented young students have showcased their creativity and green awareness in an entertaining environmental education challenge called School and Home Energy Saving Scheme 2015 - Energy Saving’s Got Talent. Organised by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) together with the Business-School Partnership Programme under the Education Bureau, the contest offered secondary school students the chance to display their ingenuity and environmental awareness by submitting entries in the form of drama and dance performances, short films and songs with a theme of energy saving.

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  • 22/11/2015
    CLP Power Warns Customers to Beware of Deceptive Calls

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has today (22 November) received more than 100 customer enquiries concerning a bogus pre-recorded phone message purporting to be from CLP Power, informing them of abnormalities with their accounts or outstanding payments. The hoax messages inform customers that their electricity supply will be terminated within two hours because CLP has been acquired by another company.

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  • 20/11/2015
    CLP Power wins Global Certification for Fuel Sourcing Excellence

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has become the first company in Asia to be awarded a prestigious international certification for its fuel procurement practices, receiving the highest  Platinum Level Corporate Certification Advanced Standard from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) today (20 November). The certification from CIPS, a leading global procurement professional institute, recognises CLP Power in its excellence in fuel procurement strategies and processes that integrate the opportunities and risks in the supply market to maximise business benefits.

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  • 15/11/2015
    CLP Entertains Some 400 Elderly Guests on Senior Citizens Day
    to Spread Care and Love

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today celebrated Senior Citizens Day with a Sharing the Festive Joy community luncheon for some 400 elderly guests from the Kowloon City and Wong Tai Sin districts. The colourful event aimed at spreading care and love, and promoting positive attitudes towards ageing to the elderly was jointly hosted by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited.

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  • 09/11/2015
    CLP Payment Channels

    ​CLP Power recently received customer enquiries regarding a new payment channel. The Company reminds customers that apart from the following channels, CLP Power does not authorise any other parties to receive electricity bill payment on behalf of CLP Power.

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  • 06/11/2015
    CLP Green Building Symposium
    Lays Foundations for a Greener Future

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today hosted its third Green Building Symposium, inviting various corporates with successful green building performance to share ideas and initiatives on how to make Hong Kong buildings more energy efficient. Over 300 participants from various business sectors and representatives from the building industry took part in the symposium. CLP Power also took the opportunity to introduce the latest technologies including the introduction of the Meter Online upgrade service and Energy Modelling that improve energy efficiency.

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  • 05/11/2015
    CLP’s Vietnamese Power Project Signs MoU for Investment and Financing

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) is pleased to announce that Vinh Tan 3 Energy Joint Stock Company (VTEC), co-owned by CLP, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China Development Bank Corporation (CDB) regarding the Vinh Tan 3 power project in Vietnam.

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  • 04/11/2015
    CLP Commissions Second Phase of Successful Solar Project in Mainland China

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) is pleased to announce the commissioning of Phase II of Xicun Solar Power Station in Yunnan Province following the successful completion of Phase I of the project in December last year. The combined project is CLP’s first wholly-owned photovoltaic plant and Yunnan's first large-scale demonstration project of agriculture-and-solar integration. It underscores the company’s continual commitment in Mainland China as a key growth market with a focus on developing renewable energy and high efficiency thermal projects.

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  • 22/10/2015
    CLP Power Hosts Inaugural Career Day
    to Attract New Talent for the Power Industry

    ​Electricity is vital to our everyday lives. With the launch of major infrastructure projects and the continuing growth of Hong Kong’s population, there is a constant and pressing need for new talent in the power industry.

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  • 19/10/2015
    CLP Holdings Limited Releases
    Quarterly Statement of 2015 (January-September)

    ​The 2015 Quarterly Statement (January-September) of CLP Holdings Limited has been released. The same Statement will be dispatched to shareholders on 29 October 2015.

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  • 16/10/2015
    CLP Marks Half a Century of Nurturing Top Engineering Talent

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) is preparing to mark a half century of its highly successful CLP Training School in an anniversary that demonstrates the company’s commitment to develop world-class talent to support Hong Kong’s vital power industry. The CLP Training School, renamed the Power Academy in 2013, was set up in 1966 and has nurtured generations of engineers in a broad range of positions and disciplines in its five decades of excellence.

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  • 13/10/2015
    Primary School Students Take up Environmental Challenge to
    Become Green Ambassadors for Hong Kong

    ​More than 8,000 students from 11 Po Leung Kuk primary schools are embarking on a journey of discovery about how to live greener lifestyles by joining the CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme for the academic year 2015/16 which features multi-faceted learning experience and platforms. Schools with excellent performance will be awarded Green Elites Campus Accreditation.

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  • 08/10/2015
    Sale of Iona Gas Storage Facility in Australia

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) announced that it has reached agreement to sell EnergyAustralia's entire interests in the Iona Gas Plant in the State of Victoria, Australia, for a cash consideration of A$1,782 million (HK$9,882 million). The purchasers are ultimately owned by Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) consortium comprising the QIC Global Infrastructure Fund and existing QIC clients.  QIC is a global diversified alternative investment firm owned by the Government of the State of Queensland and one of the largest institutional investment managers in Australia.

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  • 05/10/2015
    CLP Power wins Award for Exceptional Volunteer Work in Community

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has been given recognition for its diverse range of volunteer projects and its enthusiastic support of community work with the presentation of the Corporate Award in the Hong Kong Volunteer Award programme.

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  • 30/09/2015
    CLP Wins Top Awards for Nurturing Employee Talents

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has won three top awards in the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2015 in recognition of its dedication to nurturing and encouraging talents for the Hong Kong power industry. The three awards were the special 25th Anniversary Award for Most Dedicated Organisation to People Development, the Excellence Award for Excellence in Training and Development (Development Category), and the Outstanding New Trainer Award.

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  • 22/09/2015
    Green Workplace Champions Honoured in
    CLP GREENPLUS Award Programme

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today honoured 64 winning businesses and organisations from more than 5,000 entrants in its fourth GREENPLUS Award programme, which rewards efforts towards energy saving and environmental awareness in the workplace.

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  • 19/09/2015
    CLP Brings Seasonal Cheer to 180 Elderly Guests at
    Mid-Autumn Festival Luncheon

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) and Caritas-Hong Kong today jointly hosted a Sharing the Festive Joy community luncheon, bringing Mid-Autumn festival cheer into the lives of 180 elderly guests from North District and remote villages.

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  • 15/09/2015
    CLP Issues Inaugural Green Bond to Fund Wind Projects in India

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) is pleased to announce that it has issued its first green bond through its wholly-owned subsidiary CLP Wind Farms (India) to fund the development of wind projects in India, underpinning CLP’s commitment to diversifying financing options and developing renewable projects in India, where it is the largest wind power developer.

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  • 14/09/2015
    CLP Creates Hong Kong’s Largest Sky Woodland to Promote Green Rooftops
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) has created the largest Sky Woodland in Hong Kong at its Chui Ling Road substation in Tseung Kwan O. CLP hopes the success of the Sky Woodland project will generate interest and discussion among other businesses and organisations and provide a blueprint for further rooftop greening across the city.
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  • 07/09/2015
    CLP Nurtures 130 Young Engineers to
    Help Build Brighter and Greener Future
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) hosted a graduation ceremony for the Junior Green Engineer Programme 2015 on 5 September 2015, congratulating 130 primary school students who completed a fruitful summer programme of green missions encompassing areas like engineering, science and environmental conservation. Mentored by CLP engineers, the youngsters gained vital knowledge about power generation, electrical engineering and the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.
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  • 18/08/2015
    CLP Young Power Programme Promotes Green Ideas and Career Aspirations among Youngsters

    ​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) organised a finale event today to conclude this year's Young Power Programme (YPP), where 74 students from 22 secondary schools in Hong Kong competed in terms of creativity, knowledge and teamwork through thematic presentations relating to energy and the environment.  The guests and judges in attendance were impressed with the students' performances that brought forth the best of their learning results from the programme.

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  • 13/08/2015
    CLP Holdings Limited Announces 2015 Interim Results

    ​In the first six months of 2015, the Group’s operating earnings reached HK$5,525 million, a 16% increase over the corresponding period of last year. Total earnings were down by 15% to HK$5,723 million simply because a one-off gain from the acquisitions of Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CAPCO) and Hong Kong Pumped Storage Development Company, Limited (PSDC) was booked in 2014. Due to the positive results, we have increased the level of both first and second interim dividends from HK$0.54 per share a year ago to HK$0.55 per share this year.

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  • 13/08/2015
    CLP Provides Supplementary Information on the Future Development of the Electricity Market in Hong Kong and Tariff Level for 2016

    ​At the press conference of CLP Holdings Limited's 2015 interim results announcement today, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Vice Chairman Mrs Betty Yuen made the following comments regarding the future development of the electricity market in Hong Kong and tariff level for 2016.

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  • 29/07/2015
    CLP Power Wins Prestigious Award for Community Care Efforts

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has been presented with the Grand Caring Award (Enterprise Group) in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Recognition Scheme – Industry Cares by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) in recognition of its innovative and effective community care projects.

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  • 28/07/2015
    CLP Customers Receive Special Fuel Rebate

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”) announced today (28 July 2015) that all CLP customers will receive a special fuel rebate of 8 cents per unit based on their electricity consumption between January and June this year subsequent to a drop in fuel prices in recent months.

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  • 07/07/2015
    CLP Power Showcases World’s Newest Green Home Technology at the Brand New CLP Eco Home Tour

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today launches a brand new Eco Home Tour called "Smart Living‧Smart Use of Energy", showcasing an ingenious selection of home energy saving technology and devices from around the world. Visitors will be able to take part in interactive games to learn more about low carbon living and will also get the chance to win fabulous green gadgets for their homes.

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  • 29/06/2015
    CLP’s First Wholly-owned Solar Project in the Mainland Integrates Economic Farming with Clean Power Generation

    ​On 21 May 2015, CLP Holdings celebrated the completion of its Xicun I Solar Power Station in Yunnan Province in the presence of distinguished guests from the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture and Binchuan County authorities as well as business partners.  The move exemplifies the Group's investment strategy that places Mainland China as a primary growth market with a focus on developing renewable energy projects. 

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  • 25/06/2015
    CLP Power Launches Major New Initiatives to Promote Green Motoring

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today (25 June) announces two major new initiatives in response to the rapid development of the electric vehicle (EV) market in Hong Kong and to the growing needs of EV users.

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  • 22/06/2015
    CLP Rewards Greenest Students
    after Thousands Join to Promote Lower-Carbon Lifestyles

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) today hosted an awards ceremony to recognise some of the city's most environmentally-conscious schools and students after thousands took part in green awareness programmes aimed at encouraging pupils and their families to adopt lower-carbon lifestyles. 

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  • 16/06/2015
    CLP Advocates Three Guiding Principles in New Electricity Regulatory Regime

    ​Greener and Smarter Electricity, Enhanced Customer Experience and Effective Regulation are three guiding principles to be sought for in the next set of electricity sector regulatory arrangements, advocated by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”) in its response submitted to the Government today (16 June 2015) on the public consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market.

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  • 13/06/2015
    CLP Brings Tuen Ng Festive Joy to 200 Elderly People

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today invited 200 elderly people from the Wong Tai Sin and Sham Shui Po districts to celebrate the Tuen Ng Festival with CLP volunteers at a Sharing the Festive Joy event aimed at promoting care and respect for senior citizens in the community.

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  • 21/05/2015
    CLP Power Community Programme
    Serves up Free Dim Sum Breakfasts to 30,000 Elderly People

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) is treating tens of thousands of elderly people to free dim sum breakfasts in restaurants across the territory in an Elderly Yum Cha community programme run in partnership with 14 District Councils in Kowloon, the New Territories and the Islands, four major catering associations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).  This also enables elders in need to expand their social network.

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  • 08/05/2015
    CLP Holdings Limited Releases Quarterly Statement of 2015 (January-March)

    ​The 2015 Quarterly Statement (January-March) of CLP Holdings Limited has been released. The same Statement will be dispatched to shareholders on 18 May 2015.

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  • 07/05/2015
    CLP holds Annual General Meeting today

    ​CLP's AGM is traditionally the highest attended annual general meeting of any Hong Kong listed company. This year was no exception, with a record number of 1,230 shareholders present at the assembly.  

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  • 28/04/2015
    Issue of USD300,000,000 3.125% Notes due 2025 by CLP Power Hong Kong Financing Limited

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited ("CLP Power") announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary CLP Power Hong Kong Financing Limited has successfully priced USD300 million 3.125% senior unsecured notes due 2025 (the "Notes") under CLP Power Hong Kong Financing Limited's USD4.5 billion Medium Term Note Programme. The Notes will be unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by CLP Power, rated A1 and A by Moody's and Standard and Poor's, respectively, and listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

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  • 22/04/2015
    Chief Executive Officer of CLP Holdings Speaks on Future Development of Electricity Market

    ​Speaking at a forum organised by South China Morning Post Spotlight Forum – Hong Kong’s Electricity Market Development: Sharing Experiences from Home and Abroad today (22 April 2015), Mr Richard Lancaster, Chief Executive Officer of CLP Holdings (CLP) gave his views on the future development of the electricity market.

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  • 20/04/2015
    CLP Power Your Love Programme
    A World-First Community Initiative to Save Energy and Light Up Lives

    CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) today launched the Power Your Love programme, a unique territory-wide campaign to encourage people to save energy and contribute to the well-being of society by transferring units of electricity saved by customers to help people in need. A HK$6 million fund from CLP shareholders has been earmarked to pay for the electricity bills of around 20,000 underprivileged residential households, such as single elderly people, families living in sub-divided flats and the families of boarders in special schools.

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  • 20/04/2015
    Vice Chairman of CLP Power Speaks on Future Development of Electricity Market

    ​The following are remarks made by Mrs Betty Yuen, Vice Chairman of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, on the future development of the electricity market after officiating at the launch of Power Your Love programme today:
    • The future development of the electricity industry and its regulatory framework will have far-reaching consequences on the community. Given the complexity of the subject, it will be important to make sure the public is clear on its objectives, and has a thorough understanding of relevant issues and the implications of the proposals put forward for future development.

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  • 13/04/2015
    CLP Sees Strong Financial Support for Projects in Mainland China and India

    ​CLP Holdings (CLP) is pleased to announce that it has recently reached financial and operational milestones in its development projects in Mainland China and India.

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  • 10/04/2015
    CLP wins the Best Business Solution Bronze Award in The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has won the Best Business Solution (Application) Bronze Award in the Hong Kong ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Awards 2015 with its Eco Optimizer 2.0, an online home energy management tool which is designed to motivate its 2.1 million residential customers to change their energy consumption behaviour. The award recognises CLP Power's efforts and achievements in promoting energy efficiency and conservation.

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  • 04/04/2015
    CLP GREENPLUS School Programme
    Doubles Up Energy Saving Target to Over 800,000 kWh Electricity

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) today hosted an award presentation ceremony for the School and Home Energy Saving Scheme 2014 and launched an exciting new environmental education challenge called Energy Saving’s Got Talent 2015 under the CLP GREENPLUS School Programme.

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  • 31/03/2015
    CLP’s Preliminary Views on the Consultation Document on the Future Development of the Electricity Market

    ​In response to the Consultation Document on the Future Development of the Electricity Market issued by the Environment Bureau today, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) notes the Government's analysis of the current electricity market, its proposal for some possible options to improve the regulatory arrangement, and laying out of the plan to implement the fuel mix for electricity generation in 2020 to meet the demand for electricity and achieve the environmental targets. CLP Power will work closely with the Government and the community to draw up the regulatory arrangement for the future electricity market to deliver the best long-term value for Hong Kong.

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  • 20/03/2015
    Beijing Yire Coal-fired Power Station Ceased Operation

    ​CLP Holdings Limited announced today that Beijing Yire Power Station ceased operation on 20 March at the request of Beijing municipal authorities. This came as part of the city's effort to combat air pollution by reducing coal-fired generation in Beijing.

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  • 18/03/2015
    CLP Power employees win Young Engineer and Outstanding Apprentice Awards

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) prides itself on its commitment to nurture quality professionals for the power industry through a comprehensive training system. That dedication to excellence has been recognised with two CLP Power engineering staff winning the Young Engineer of the Year Award from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) and the Outstanding Apprentice Award from the Vocational Training Council (VTC).​

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  • 26/02/2015
    CLP Holdings Limited Announces 2014 Annual Results
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  • 29/01/2015
    CLP wins Three Awards in Customer Service Excellence

    ​CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) has always strived for customer service excellence by offering greater convenience and valuable service to the customers.  In the Customer Service Excellence Award 2014 organised by the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence (HKACE), CLP Power clinches Silver Award in the "Grand Award" category and Bronze Award in the "Outstanding Customer Service Programme Award" category with the CLP "Save Now for a Better Future" energy saving competition campaign.  Customer Relations Officer, Ms Natalie Tse, scoops Gold Award in the "Contact Centre Service Individual Award" category.

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  • 02/01/2015
    Lapse of Share Transfer Agreement Relating to the Sale of CLP China Tianjin and CLP China Shenmu

    ​CLP Holdings Limited announced today that the share transfer agreement entered into by CLP Power China Limited (CLP China, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings) on 2 April 2014, whereby CLP China agreed to sell the entire issued share capital and all related shareholder’s loans of CLP Power China (Tianjin) Limited and CLP Power China (Shenmu) Limited, which respectively hold CSEC Guohua and Shenmu power projects, lapsed on 31 December 2014.

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  • 02/01/2015
    CLP Holdings Limited Announces Continuing Connected Transactions

    CLP Holdings Limited announced today a number of ongoing transactions entered into between the CSG Group and the CLP Group, which became continuing connected transactions of CLP Holdings Limited as from 12 May 2014. These transactions were conducted in the ordinary and usual course of business of the CLP Group.

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