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Frameworks & Strategies Frameworks & Strategies Frameworks & Strategies

Frameworks & Strategies

To help us ‘walk the talk’, we have developed a set of frameworks and strategies that support the implementation and delivery of our vision, mission and commitments.

Our Value Framework articulates the foundations of our corporate identity and sets out our vision to be the leading responsible energy provider in the Asia-Pacific region, from one generation to the next. The Value Framework provides the basis for the company we strive to be, and a pledge that through changing times we will remain true to our core values of caring for people, the community and the environment.

Over time, we have developed other frameworks and strategies that guide us in delivering our vision, in a way that is aligned with the values stipulated in the Value Framework. Examples include:

  • Our Sustainability Principles set the foundation for supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within our longer-term business strategy. They encompass all the sustainability-related areas we are working on every day.
  • Our Climate Vision 2050 is our commitment to transitioning to a low-carbon future. Following our most recent review in 2017, we announced strengthened targets in 2018. A year later, we further evolved our strategy to move towards these targets in our updated Climate Vision 2050.

In 2017, as we looked to develop actual targets for the committed SDGs, we streamlined our focus to four priority SDGs that are most relevant to our business and on which we can make a significant impact.