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CLP Group Sustainability Framework CLP Group Sustainability Framework CLP Group Sustainability Framework

Sustainability Principles

In order to realise our goal to be the leading responsible energy provider in the Asia-Pacific region from one generation to the next, we must operate in a way that supports the long-term viability of our business. The announcement in September 2015 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 inspired and informed the development of our new Sustainability Principles, which set the foundation for articulating our sustainability priorities in support of our longer term business strategy. Our Sustainability Principles are organised under four focus areas:

Economic Sustainability
  1. We create long-term value for our shareholders through focused investments in assets across the energy value chain.
  2. We pursue excellence in the operations of those assets and endeavour to deliver world-class energy products and services which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers in balance with all other stakeholders.
  3. We provide products and services that are valuable and often essential to the communities we serve, and we commit to delivering them safely, reliably, efficiently, cost effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner.
  4. We communicate openly and transparently with our stakeholders on our investments and operations, as well as our financial, environmental, social and governance performance.
  5. We proactively adapt to the changing business environment and the changing needs of our customers and other stakeholders by innovating and adopting efficient and value enhancing technologies, processes, practices and new business model approaches in a timely and considered manner.
  6. We adhere to the laws of all jurisdictions we operate in and seek to bring international best practice principles of ethics, governance, public communication, transparency and sustainability to all our operations.


Our People
  1. We ensure a safe and healthy working environment and are committed to preventing accidents, injuries and physical or mental illness related to work.
  2. We ensure compliance with all employment related legal requirements and contractual agreements in the countries that we operate in, respect for internationally recognised human rights, and best practice governance and disclosure of executive remuneration.
  3. We recruit staff from diverse sources and backgrounds. We encourage retention by ensuring equal opportunity, and by maintaining a harassment and discrimination free work-place that promotes gender balance and supports the social and economic empowerment of women.
  4. We maintain our core competencies through the planned intake of trainees and continuous investment in training and development. We build new capabilities in order to stay aligned with changes in our business environment.
  5. We provide competitive, fair and equitable remuneration and benefits. We help our employees to maintain their work-life balance with family-friendly policies, reasonable working hours, and a generous range of leave entitlements.
  6. Maintaining our organisational productivity enables us to sustain a competitive remuneration and benefits policy. Gains in productivity allow us to increase, progressively and equitably, the returns to our stakeholders.


Our Environment
  1. We will reduce our carbon emissions in line with an agreed global level at which catastrophic climate change can be avoided.
  2. We will adopt international best practice for our environmental impact assessments and environmental performance standards for construction of all new plants, as is commercially viable and move towards zero emissions over time.
  3. We will use resources, including fuel, water and other natural resources, efficiently and conservatively and will increase the use of renewable energy resources.
  4. We will responsibly manage land use-related issues arising from our transition to a low carbon energy future, including biodiversity, in line with the local, national and regional circumstances.
  5. We will monitor and manage emerging environmental-related challenges that will arise as technologies, stakeholder expectations and business model approaches change.


Our Community
  1. We care for the health, safety and development of the communities in which we operate.
  2. We strive to create positive impacts for the society with and for our stakeholders by supporting initiatives that serve the needs and improve the quality of life of the socioeconomically disadvantaged, alleviate poverty, promote diversity and foster social harmony in the communities we serve.
  3. We believe in investing in education and development to equip communities and future leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complex challenges in the sustainable production and consumption of energy.
  4. We support training and skills development initiatives that enhance knowledge in energy and environment to help our communities make informed choices based on a holistic understanding of the energy sector.
  5. We support initiatives that contribute to the development and appreciation of history, arts and culture to improve our quality of life and encourage innovation and creative thinking.