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Value To Our Capital Providers Value To Our Capital Providers Value To Our Capital Providers

Value to Our Capital Providers

We are committed to delivering economic value to our capital providers. For our shareholders, we deliver value in the form of dividends and share price appreciation; to our lenders this comes in the form of payment of interest and repayment of principal in accordance with our obligations. To achieve sustainability, our business must generate economic value over the long-term and on a large-scale. Our commitments to our shareholders, as well as on responsible management and on Communications and Reporting, as included in our Value Framework, articulate our desire to maintain long-term stability and growth in shareholder value and return on investment, and to enhance the competitive position of our business, so that it can remain a sustainable one.

Creating Value for Our Stakeholders

This chart summarises a number of important information about CLP Group 

1. Include share of results (net of income tax) from joint ventures and associates netted with earnings attributable to other non-controlling interests, which represented our share of economic value created together with our business partners.
2. Another HK$1,338 million (2017: HK$1,239 million) of staff costs incurred were capitalised.
3. Finance costs are netted with finance income and include payments made to perpetual capital securities holders. In addition, finance costs of HK$278 million (2017: HK$262 million) were capitalised.
4. Represents current income tax but excluding deferred tax for the year.
5. Apart from taxes, government rent and rates of HK$801 million (2017: HK$735 million) was included under other operating costs.
6. Sponsorship of HK$50 million (2017: HK$27 million) was included under other operating costs.
7. Represents earnings attributable to shareholders (before depreciation, amortisation and deferred tax) for the year retained.