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Operating Efficiently Operating Efficiently Operating Efficiently

Operating Efficiently

Operating efficiently is part and parcel of good business practice. The more efficient our operations, the less resources we require to produce electricity.  At CLP we design and build new assets using the latest and most efficient commercially proven technologies available. However, in implementing this strategy we often need to strike a balance between adopting the latest technology and its associated risks of a less established repair and maintenance support service, as well as the possibility of higher upfront costs. For existing operations, we are working to install more emissions control equipment to reduce our environmental impact, which in turn can mean using more energy and hence reducing the efficiency of the whole power generating process.

As our assets age, the efficiency of the plant will also decline. We put great emphasis on the maintenance of our equipment, so that we can prolong the life of our machine and enhance efficiency. It is our practice to monitor the efficiency of our plants and set operational efficiency targets as and when appropriate.