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Operating Safely & Responsibly Operating Safely & Responsibly Operating Safely & Responsibly

Operating Safely & Responsibly

CLP is committed to ensuring all our activities and operations result in Zero Harm for our employees, contractors, customers and the public whether during the construction of new projects or the operation or decommissioning of existing ones. To refocus our efforts, we formulated a new Health, Safety and Environment Improvement Strategy in 2018, underpinning the need for increased vigilance, proactivity and rethinking of risk management. We regularly review how each of our assets and regions addresses safety risks and continue to implement comparable standards across the Group in our risk framework.

In addition to our Value Framework, we have also outlined CLP’s HSSE Management System Standard, which promotes and encourages compliance with the internationally accepted standards for occupational health and safety management to support the implementation and delivery of our safety commitments.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) related policies and principles from CLP's Value Framework are used to define the 15 Elements used in the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle in CLP's HSSE Management System Standard. Each element is supported by a set of expectations, which encourage excellence in HSSE performance across the CLP Group whilst allowing some flexibility for implementation at a regional level.

Infographics on CLP's HSSE Management System Standard: Practice Guidance and the 15 Elements
Regional Adjustment
Specific Issues
Contractual Conditions
Compliance Obligations
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The 15 Elements 
The 15 Elements
  • 1
    HSSE Leadership
  • Health2
    Occupation Health & Safety (OHS) Management
  • Safety3
    Plant Intergrity
  • Security4
    Security Management
  • Environment5
    Environmental Management
  • 6
    Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control
  • 7
    Management of Change
  • 8
    Personnel Training & Competence
  • 9
    Communication & Promotion
  • 10
    Documentation & Information Management
  • 11
    Contractor Management & Purchasing
  • 12
    Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • 13
    Incident Management
  • 14
    Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  • 15
    Periodic Review & Improvement