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Commitments To Our Stakeholders Commitments To Our Stakeholders Commitments To Our Stakeholders

Commitments to Our Stakeholders

CLP's commitments to our major stakeholder groups, more specifically to our employees, customers, communities, shareholders, business partners and suppliers, can be found in our Value Framework.

To Our Employees

  • ​​A work environment free of harassment or discrimination on the basis of gender, physical or mental state, race, nationality, religion, age, family status or sexual orientation, or any other attribute recognised by the laws of the country in which the Company operates.
  • A culture of respect, trust and mutual understanding fostered through open, two-way communication, positive encouragement of employees’ participation in discussions and willingness to discuss iss​ues and concerns raised at any level in the organisation.
  • Opportunities for learning and professional and career development.
  • Remuneration structures that provide fair rewards for contributions made, together with retirement and health care benefits.
  • Objective performance assessments and decisions with clearly articulated performance goals and expectations.
  • Recognition and rewards for excellence in individual and team performance.
  • A safe, healthy and productive work environment, complemented with the necessary training, equipment and support.
  • Safeguards for the privacy of personal data and employee records.
  • Encouragement of work-life balance.

To Our Customers

  • ​Safe, reliable and cost-effective products and services to customers.
  • Continuous improvement in the value of our products and services.
  • Delivery o​n customer service pledges and regulatory requirements.
  • Effective response to customer needs and preferences in relation to our products and services.

To Our Communities

  • Earning the acceptance of the communities in which we operate.
  • Support the long-term development of the communities we serve.
  • Contribution to the development of sound government policies and laws that balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the communities we serve.
  • Participation in public education on energy related issues.
  • Active engagement in activities in the community.

To Our Shareholders

  • Continuous effort to maintain long-term stability and growth in shareholder value and return on investment, and to enhance the competitive position of our business.
  • Investing to build on and preserve the value of our assets, capabilities and relationships.
  • Responsible management of our investment and business risks.
  • Recognition of the importance of social and environmental issues to our shareholders and our shared values.
  • True, fair and complete disclosure of the financial position and operating performance of CLP.

To Our Business Partners and Suppliers

  • ​Impartial business decisions made without conflict of interest or undue influence.
  • Safeguards against bribery and unethical behaviour and practices.
  • Commitments met fully and on time.
  • Exchange of experience and knowledge for mutual benefits.
  • Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.