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Stakeholders Engagement Framework Stakeholders Engagement Framework Stakeholders Engagement Framework

Stakeholder Engagement Framework

We believe that stakeholder engagement is crucial from a sustainability perspective, as it supports our understanding of emerging risks and opportunities, and also facilitates the mitigation of these risks as well as the realisation of opportunities. Our Stakeholder Engagement Framework reflects the view that it is vitally important to integrate a stakeholder engagement component into all aspects of our business, from project development to operation, management and decommissioning.

Throughout the course of any given year we communicate with our stakeholders through various channels. These include visits to our facilities, consultations, knowledge-sharing forums and collaboration projects with community and special interest groups, so that all stakeholders have a good understanding of the power sector and our operations. We also collaborate with research institutions and actively participate in industry and professional organisations, both locally and internationally, to ensure that we keep track of emerging trends and business drivers, such as technological developments and new industry best practices.