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Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Bloomberg ESG Disclosure

Bloomberg ESG Disclosure

In recent years an increasingly extensive and detailed collection of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information has become available on the Bloomberg financial terminals. This data is collected by Bloomberg analysts based on companies’ publicly available ESG information.

Bloomberg ESG Disclosure

CLP monitors the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and performance scores available on the Bloomberg terminal because Bloomberg is a widely-used data source for the business community. Our Environmental, Social, Governance and Overall Disclosure scores downloaded on 31 December 2015 are presented here.

At the time, the most recent scores available on the Bloomberg terminal were as at 31 December 2014, covering our 2014 data. Bloomberg periodically updates both their scoring methodology and the data fields. As a result, all of these scores tend to fluctuate periodically.

Our 2014 overall score is largely in line with that of previous years. Fluctuations in the environmental and social components of our overall score relative to 2013 are most likely due to some combination of an evolving scoring methodology and a reflection of CLP’s operating performance and initiatives from year to year.

The 2013 overall score reflects our 2012 performance, which was relatively high due to certain operational issues which resulted in lower emissions, thus resulting in a higher environmental score compared to other years.
Source: Bloomberg

Overall ESG Disclosure Score Overall ESG Disclosure Score
Environmental Disclosure Score Environmental Disclosure Score
Social Disclosure Score Social Disclosure Score
Governance Disclosure Score Governance Disclosure Score
2013 78.57
2014 78.57
2015 78.57