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Carbon Disclosure Project Carbon Disclosure Project Carbon Disclosure Project

Carbon Disclosure Project

We have responded to CDP since its launch in 2002.

Carbon Disclosure Project

CLP tracks its performance on CDP’s climate change program because the index is one of the most influential carbon performance trackers in the world. Although the scope of CDP’s climate change program is limited to carbon and carbon-related disclosure, we monitor this index because carbon emissions are one of the most material areas of sustainability for CLP due to the present nature of the electric power industry.

We have maintained our strong Disclosure Score performance, increasing by one point to 96 between 2014 and 2015. Our Performance Score was in the “C” Performance Score band in 2015, downgraded from “B” in previous years. This downgrade is likely a result of CLP’s absolute increase in carbon emissions from 2013 to 2014 and tightening of assessment criteria.

The Performance Score ranges from A to E and indicates the level of action taken on climate change as evidenced by the company’s CDP response as well as actual annual reductions in carbon emissions.

Disclosure ScoreDisclosure Score
Performance Score