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Town Island - Renewable Energy Supply Project
Journey of Discovery Overview Geography Consideration Technology Social Involvement
Howard Ng  
  We’ve got the POWER
“In the past we could not even have electricity to run our basic appliances. We neither had enough electricity for …”
CC Ngan CC Ngan TK Chan
  Powering up Town Island
“We … reconsidered the other options: renewable energy, submarine cables and low-sulphur diesel power generators …”
  Renewable energy – from vision to reality
“As an engineering professional, I will perceive many challenges … in taking the renewable energy vision into reality …”
  Town Island - The First Step
“Town Island … I had never heard of it until … my boss told me to start planning for delivery of power supply … So many questions in my mind … ”
KC Cheng Eric Tsang Gary Kwok
  Revisiting Town Island
“Now, 30 years later, I have the chance to take part in the energy supply project on Town Island and once again, I landed on the island …”
  Extraordinary Mission
“I rarely have any special feelings about land-related work. However, I felt a little nervous when I was assigned this project …”
  Green Paradise
“I went to Town Island to inspect the solar power facility that had been completed. I found that the facility had plenty of greenery …”
CH Wong CH Wong Raymond Ho
  Town Island Project Safety Tour – Part 1
“I thought I would be unfamiliar with it … whether it was a space programme or other projects … the safety principle remained the same …”
  Town Island Project Safety Tour – Part 2
“It is not every day that the people in charge … can be on the same boat. So I make good use of the one-hour boat ride to hold a class on safety leadership …”
  Project Highlights
“Building this standalone renewable power supply system … is a struggle with Mother Nature …”
KF Chau    
  The Dawn of Hope
“Island residents … were very attentive during classes. Deeply touched, the volunteers taught them everything they knew …”

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