Our Unique Approach

CLP is committed to good standards of corporate governance and it is our objective to take forward a corporate governance structure which builds on CLP’s own standards and experience.  Over the years, we have developed and put in place a set of policies, procedures and systems that make up a unique CLP corporate governance structure.

Year at a Glance

With the increasing regulatory and investor focus on corporate governance standards, CLP continues to take steps to enhance our practices and to keep Shareholders and other stakeholders informed of our progress and performance. 

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Board Diversity

Our Board is charged with promoting the success of CLP.  We believe that board diversity enhances decision-making capability and we recognise board diversity is an essential element in contributing to the sustainable development of CLP.  Our Retirement Age Guideline for Non-executive Directors is part of our Board Diversity Policy.


The Board Composition & Diversity as at 26 February 2024:

CLP Group Board Diversity CLP Group Board Diversity

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Why Board Diversity is Important to CLP

External Board Review

CLP is committed to undertaking a performance evaluation of the Board on an ongoing basis.  Through this review, the Board seeks practical, actionable recommendations, which would enable the Board to progress and enhance its impact on key issues facing CLP.


CLP Group Board Diversity CLP Group Board Diversity

External Board Review Conclusion

Details of 2022 External Board Review Conclusion

Onboarding for New Directors

CLP Onboarding Programme is designed for newly appointed Directors to assist them in their understanding of CLP’s business, governance and Board and Committee dynamics.


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Details of the Onboarding Guidelines for Directors

Non-executive Directors Fee Review

CLP adopts a transparent and structured methodology in the determination of the fees paid to our Non-executive Directors.  This ensures that the fees are in line with market practice based on a formal independent review undertaken at least every three years.


CLP Group Non-Executive Directors Fee Review CLP Group Non-Executive Directors Fee Review

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Details of 2022 Review