Fangchenggang Incremental Distribution Network

CLP participated in the signing of the “Fangchenggang Hi-Tech Zone Incremental Distribution Network Franchise Agreement” on 19 February, 2019. Under the leadership of local governments, CLP jointly established FCG Hi-Tech Zone Smart Energy Supply Co., Ltd., which commenced to provide electricity supply services to customers in Fangchenggang Hi-Tech Zone in January 2020.

CLP's Equity Interest


Transmission & Distribution Network


Fangchenggang, Guangxi, China


FCG Hi-Tech Zone Smart Energy Supply Co., Ltd.

Equity Interest

  • CLP – 22.05%
  • Guangxi Power Grid Co., Ltd. – 49%
  • TUS – CLEAN ENERGY – 22.95%
  • Fangchenggang Hi-Tech Zone Investment Development Co., Ltd. – 6%