Our Regional Presence

We are committed to decarbonising and digitalising our business to serve our customers across the Asia-Pacific region amid the ongoing energy transition.


Black Point Power Station D1


For 120 years, CLP has grown hand-in-hand with our home market of Hong Kong. We continue to deliver safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly and affordable energy services to 2.79 million customer accounts in Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands. 


We operate a vertically-integrated electricity supply business in Hong Kong – which includes generation, transmission and distribution and retail – and serve 80 percent of the territory's population. Through our partnership with China Southern Power Grid International (HK) Co., Limited in Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CAPCO), we operate the Castle Peak Power Station, Black Point Power Station, Penny’s Bay Power Station and the landfill gas power generation project (WE Station) at the West New Territories Landfill site. As of 31 December 2023, gross generation capacity in operation and under construction totalled 8,268MW. We also import power from Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. In addition, we manage over 16,900 kilometres of transmission and distribution lines and over 15,780 substations*.

CLP is regulated by the Scheme of Control Agreement in Hong Kong, which monitors our performance and stipulates our levels of investment and return. The scheme has served Hong Kong well and is a key factor behind the world-class level of reliability, reasonable cost and environmental performance of our electricity supply. We share the community’s concerns about environment, and as such we were early adopters of cleaner fuels. CLP has reduced air emissions by more than 90% from the early 1990s, despite over 85% rise in electricity demand in the same period. Find out more about CLP Power Hong Kong.

CLPe, the Group’s energy infrastructure and solutions subsidiary, provides a growing range of sustainable energy services and technologies including solar energy, cooling systems, EV charging and battery energy storage systems to help customers decarbonise. Find out more about CLPe.


*Assets are under the Scheme of Control Agreement



CLP entered the Mainland China market in 1979 to meet the energy needs of the fast-growing economy. Today, we are one of the largest external investors in the energy sector on the Mainland, with a focus on producing clean and low-carbon energy.

Meizhou Pingyuan Solar Power Station



For more than 40 years, CLP has played an active role in the development, construction and operation of power generation projects to meet growing energy demand in Mainland China, with investments in over 50 electricity projects in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, covering nuclear, wind, solar, hydro and coal. Non-carbon assets accounted for almost 70% of CLP's equity generation and energy storage capacity of 7,180MW on the Mainland, as the Group is committed to supporting the nation’s dual carbon targets of peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.


CLP is continuing to deepen our partnerships with leading Chinese energy companies, sharing our technical and management expertise to support energy development in Mainland China. The Group remains steadfast in our commitment to responsible environmental management of our energy projects, as well as supporting the wellbeing of local communities where we operate. Find out more about CLP China.

CLPe is focused on providing customers with energy infrastructure and Energy-as-a-Service solutions including solar energy, electric vehicle charging and cooling systems, meeting growing demand for energy sustainability solutions in the Greater Bay Area.


Newport Power Station

EnergyAustralia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP, is one of the largest integrated energy companies in Australia, serving the electricity and gas needs of millions of customers and participating sustainably in the energy transition.


CLP gained a foothold in Australia in the beginning of the 2000s. In 2011, we completed the acquisition of energy retailer EnergyAustralia. As one of the country’s leading integrated energy companies, EnergyAustralia operates a balanced portfolio of self-owned generation capacity and capacity purchases underpinned by coal and gas power plants as well as newer energy sources like wind, solar and batteries. As of 31 December 2023, EnergyAustralia's generation and energy storage portfolio including long-term offtake amounted to 5,859MW. EnergyAustralia also serves the electricity and gas needs of 2.44 million customer accounts across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

Helping communities is important to EnergyAustralia. It has developed strategic partnerships with respected organisations to support the development of sport and the well-being of the communities it serves, helping to improve both local amenities and the environment. Find out more about  EnergyAustralia.




CLP has been one of the largest foreign investors in India’s power sector since entering the market in 2002, with a diversified portfolio across the country’s energy value chain.

Andhra Lake Wind Farm



Apraava Energy (formerly known as CLP India) has a strong portfolio of wind and solar projects, in addition to a supercritical coal-fired power project at Jhajjar in Haryana and a gas-fired plant at Paguthan in Gujurat. As of 31 December 2023, CLP’s total equity generation capacity in India stood at 1,699MW. Apraava Energy has also expanded its portfolio into the power transmission sector, including investments in interstate and intra-state transmission infrastructure in central, northeastern and northeastern India.

In 2018, CDPQ became a strategic shareholder of the Indian business, strengthening its ability to pursue new low-carbon investment opportunities.

Apraava Energy is committed to supporting the community, with a focus on addressing health and education challenges, dedicated to improving the quality of life for communities where its assets are located.

Apraava Energy will continue to power India with the highest operational and safety standards, in order to fulfil its pledge to bring light and power to millions in an affordable and sustainable manner. Click here to find out more about Apraava Energy.


Lopburi Solar Farm

CLP began investing in the Taiwan market in the early 1990s, before entering Thailand.


CLP has investments in the Ho-Ping Power Station in Taiwan and the Lopburi solar farm in Thailand, with combined equity capacity of 285MW.

Ho-Ping, commissioned in 2002, is 20% owned by CLP. In accordance with Taiwan's law, Ho-Ping will expand its investments in renewable energy.

CLP owns one-third of the Lopburi project in Thailand, the Group’s first utility-scale solar project when the plant achieved full operation in 2012.