Sir Roderick Ian Eddington

Independent Non-executive Director

Sir Roderick Ian Eddington

Member of Finance & General Committee

Aged 74
Appointed on 1 January 2006


  • Board / board committees leadership
  • CLP market experience
  • Company executive
  • Global market experience
  • Other industries
  • Other listed board roles
  • Professional (Engineering)
  • Related industry experience (Infrastructure / Property / Retail)
  • Risk & compliance   

Titles, Qualifications and Education

  • Officer of the Order of Australia
  • 1974 Rhodes Scholar, the University of Western Australia
  • Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of Engineering Science, the University of Oxford

Other Major Offices

  • Kirin Holdings Company Ltd.# (Independent Non-executive Director)  
  • John Swire & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd. (Non-executive Director)  
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. (Non-executive Chairman (Asia Pacific Advisory Council)) 
  • Lion Pty Ltd. (Non-executive Chairman)
  • Squadron Energy Pty Ltd. (Member of Advisory Board)

Past Experience

Sir Rod Eddington was the Chief Executive of British Airways plc from 2000 until he retired on 30 September 2005.  Prior to joining British Airways plc, Sir Rod Eddington has served as a Director of News Ltd., News Corporation’s principal subsidiary in Australia, from 1998 until 2000, as Chairman of Ansett Holdings Ltd. and as a Director of each of Ansett Australia Ltd. and Ansett Australia Holdings Ltd. from 1997 until 2000.  He has maintained a connection with Hong Kong from his previous directorships with Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.#, Swire Pacific Ltd.# and Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd. (which was privatised by way of a scheme of arrangement on 29 November 2018) during the period from 1988 to 1996.

Sir Rod Eddington was also a Non-executive Director of 21st Century Fox# (until March 2019).

#The securities of these companies are currently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or overseas stock exchange(s).


Latest update: 26 February 2024

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