Value Framework

Central to our success is a set of business principles and ethics that defines our vision, mission, values, identity and actions. While we pursue our business objectives, we are committed to sustainable development - balancing the social, environmental and economic dimensions of our business and taking the needs of current and future generations into consideration.

CLP's Value Framework

CLP's Value Framework

Policies and Codes

CLP’s policies and codes aid in the articulation and incorporation of our values and commitments into our everyday operations and practices. Some of our key policies and codes are as follows. The list is not exhaustive.

Code of Conduct   

Code on Corporate Governance​
CLP Fair Disclosure Policy​
Anti-Fraud Policy​
Policy on Making Political Contributions​
Whistleblowing Policy​
Shareholders’ Communication Policy​
Board Diversity Policy​

CLP Group Community Initiatives, Sponsorship and Donation Policy ​

CLP's Supplier Code of Conduct

CLP Group Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy​

CLP's Group Labour Standards

CLP Group Privacy Policy Statement​