CLP is always looking towards the new horizons of technical innovation. Staying on top of the global digital transformation while remaining well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities it offers is key to keeping our business relevant and sustainable into the future. It is for this reason that CLP has integrated digitalisation into the core of its business strategy.

Opportunities from Digitalisation

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We believe that technology-enabled innovation is a key element to succeeding in the digital future. We are constantly enhancing our digital capabilities to enable our businesses to continue to deliver optimised results. We place effort into integrating digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data into our operations, so as to explore the enormous potential they present for our customers.  

To unlock the potential of the future energy system, we continue to develop and enhance our digital transformation strategy, with specific elements tailored to providing bespoke energy service solutions for each of the local markets in which we operate. For example, CLPe Solutions provides value-added energy and infrastructure solutions for Hong Kong and beyond.

We are also looking outward to tap into the best minds and technology developments in the start-up community by collaborating with accelerator programmes such as Free Electrons, which enables start-ups to test their solutions with global energy utilities.

Inevitable Risks of Digitalisation

With increasingly connected technologies for business and personal data storage, digitalisation can expose organisations to heightened risks of malicious cyberattacks. Therefore, effective cyber defence becomes fundamental to protect our business and is a key element of our capability build.


To better equip ourselves on this digitalisation journey, we are building up internal subject matter expertise and enhancing the awareness of cyber security across CLP. Our Board Audit & Risk Committee maintains effective oversight of cyber security risks. Moving forward, we will continue upholding our vigilance in strengthening our cyber resilience and data protection. 


Monitoring cyber security risks

Our Key Approaches

  • Investment
    Invest in innovation and develop new lines of business 
  • Collaboration
    Collaborate with start-ups and participate in accelerator programmes with global energy utilities 
  • Explore and utilise technology
    Explore and utilise technology to enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of our operations
  • Optimise performance
    Optimise the performance of our energy portfolio with the help of data analytics 
  • Review and strengthen cyber security strategy
    Continue reviewing and strengthening our Cyber Security Strategy 
  • Enhance cyber control
    Continue implementing and enhancing cyber controls 
  • Strengthen cyber knowledge
    Strengthen our cyber security expertise, knowledge, and awareness of cyber security and data protection 

Please refer to our latest Annual Report and Sustainability Report to learn more how we are utilising technology to enhance our business resilience, pursue continuous growth opportunities, while striving to maintain strong cyber security in a changing operating environment.


Workforce Transformation