Workforce Transformation

The energy, talent and shared values of CLP’s people have always powered our success. Nevertheless, in the coming years, industry, regional, social and demographic drivers will bring unprecedented change to CLP. This will require a coordinated and integrated response to build an agile and innovative workforce of the future.

Building an Agile and Innovative Workforce

With safety as the foundation, we are investing in attracting and retaining a diverse, multi-generational workforce, building future capabilities and creating an environment in which our people feel empowered to collaborate in finding safer, more efficient and innovative ways of working. We are committed to supporting all our people to thrive in change through a long-term focus on inclusion, wellbeing and resilience. 



Cares for People

Find out how CLP supports its people in embracing change.

People Stories

Listen to the voices of CLP.

Our Key Approaches

  • Work environment
    Provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment
  • Talent pipelines
    Develop talent pipelines and skills for a low-carbon, digitally enabled future
  • Leadership
    Equip leaders to lead transformation
  • Embrace change
    Foster embracing change, agility, innovation and collaboration
  • Diversity & inclusion
    Support, value and celebrate diversity and inclusion
  • Fair work
    Demonstrate fair work practices as a responsible employer

From prioritising on keeping our people safe and well to attracting and retaining tomorrow’s workforce and to building greater organisational agility, our Key Approaches aim to address the resourcing needs and challenges of decarbonisation and digitalisation amid increasing social and political uncertainties and expectations. Please read our latest Annual Report and Sustainability Report to learn more about our updates on building an agile and innovative workforce.