Company Articles, Codes, Policies & Guidelines

We disclose our corporate governance principles and practices openly and fully, and adapt and improve them in light of new experience and regulatory requirements. In this section, you will find our unique set of Company Articles, Codes, Policies and Guidelines as well as updates that are part of the CLP corporate governance structure and framework.

Adopted by Special Resolution passed on 14 May 2021

Full Version updated in 2023

Annotated Version updated in 2023

CLP Fair Disclosure Policy

General Representation Letter

Guidelines on Disclosure of Related Party Transactions of the CLP Group

Code for Securities Transactions by CLP Holdings Directors and Specified Individuals

Anti-Fraud Policy

CLP Procurement Values and Principles

Continuous Disclosure Obligation Procedures

Policy on Making Political Contributions

Whistleblowing Policy

Shareholders' Communication Policy

Board Diversity Policy

Procedures for Shareholders to Convene General Meetings / Put Forward Proposals

Continuous Professional Development for Directors

Onboarding Guidelines for Directors

Model Letter of Appointment for Non-executive Directors