CLP Climate Action Finance Framework

CLP first published its Climate Action Finance Framework (CAFF) in July 2017 to reinforce CLP’s sustainability leadership and commitment to transition to a low carbon economy as stated in our updated Climate Vision 2050 and to respond to the increasing investor awareness of the climate change imperative. This framework lays out CLP’s methodology in raising Climate Action finance including bonds, loans and other forms of finance and detailed proceeds usage of those finance transactions to invest in projects that are consistent with this strategy to respond to the climate change challenges.


Second Party Opinion has also been obtained for the Framework from DNV GL, an independent consultant and a leading provider of green bond independent assessment. 

CLP Climate Action Finance Framework CLP Climate Action Finance Framework


As depicted, our Climate Action Finance Framework supports the transition to a low carbon economy by attracting socially responsible, sustainable financing, supporting CLP’s investments in reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency. All eligible projects of the CAFF undergo a rigorous review and approval process within a transparent framework and clear guidelines and all finance transaction proceeds must clearly deliver environmental benefits through investment in qualified projects identified by a transparent screening process. 


Climate Action Finance Framework (CAFF)

Second Party Opinion

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